Astrologers and Pandits

Melodia Events, the event management company in Kerala provide everything that an ideal marriage would require. No wedding is complete without the astrologers match making and the chants of a Poojari. A marriage is decided on the basis of matching horoscopes. Our network has a range of top level astrologers and poojaris who can predict and arrange marriage rituals for the wedding.

Birth chart readings– This is one of the first stages in Hindu wedding. The birth charts of both the boy and the girl are matched. Planetary periods and dashas will indicate the approximate time of marriage for the individual. It will also predict the relationship and benefits of the relationship. Any karmic effects of the marriage are also discussed and the couple is brought together after reading the health, wealth and relationship karmas.

Auspicious time– Muhurtham is an auspicious time of the wedding. It is calculated on the basis of many variables like the nature of activity, the horoscope of the individuals and planetary positions. The best planetary position to start or perform the ritual is discussed with the poojaris. The wedding items and Homam is arranged by the poojaris themselves.

Rituals– Hindu weddings are not complete without rituals and chanting of mantras. The significance of these mantras is explained by the priest to the bride and groom during the course of the wedding. Our poojaris also speak English to ensure smooth communication. Shanthi Muhurtham is done by our wedding poojaris as well in Kerala.

The poojaris provided by us will also specialize in inter-faith and inter-cultural marriages. The ceremonies are customized to the needs of the parties either to perform concise rituals or elaborate ones. Any special wishes will also be executed on the day. The poojaris are equipped to handle various stages of a traditional Hindu wedding.
Melodia Events can arrange poojaris either for South Indian or even north Indian weddings.