Award ceremonies

Award ceremonies are meant to be captivating and creating one can be a daunting task. Melodia Events, Event Management Company in Kerala has impeccable reputation in facilitating award ceremonies in and around Kerala.

Planning budgets and invitees- A corporate award ceremony can be small or big and can depend on the number of people you wish to felicitate and the number of people that you wish to invite. We will help you decide on the size of the event, the invitees required for the ceremonies and line-up of felicitated individuals, to start with. The basic idea is to not ignore anyone especially the support staff who helped the winners perform their task and win the award. Since it isan award ceremony you many want to invite the spouses also.

Venue, catering and equipment- The venue of such award ceremonies are fairly large due to the magnanimity of the event. We will help identify the venue and make appropriate food and beverage arrangements along with equipments. Food and beverage in large events can be canteen facilities with an elaborate but fast food menu or kiosk facilities situated at different accessible points in the venue that provides variety of food. Equipments will range from projector screens to microphones along with lighting and sound systems all of which will be set up by us.

Awards, trophies and other paraphernalia- We will provide award and program catalogs with speaker names and times. We will also provide with custom plaques, appliqus and plaque inlay ornaments, medals and ribbons. Name IDs and badges will be provided with tags where required. Banners, emblems and logos will be installed as per requirements. We will provide with speakers and hosts for the award ceremony for smooth running of the same. We will even prepare the speeches for speakers at the conference.

Melodia Events is the leading event management company in Kerala and is efficient in handling Film award ceremonies, Award shows in T.V.Channels, stage award shows etc.