Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are a fairly new concept in India but are fast catching up in our region. Bachelor parties, an American culture, have been amalgamated into the Indian society with its own twists. Melodia Events, the event management group, specialize in organizing bachelor parties for grooms across Kerala in their own inimitable style. In south India bachelor parties have a flavor and can be a gathering where even the bride is invited. But this is purely up to the families and friends to decide who to invite for the occasion. The crowd usually comprises of young people and bachelors from the grooms side to celebrate and engage in activities that the new bride may not approve of later. Here is some guidance on execution of a bachelor party by Melodia Events.
Planning and invitation- We plan and decide a date for the bachelors party and inculcate proper invitations to the appropriate friends and relatives. Melodia Events will help you budget, prepare the guest list and choose a theme for the party. The requirements of song and dance are also discussed well in advance. We also plan photographers and videographers to be present at the occasion to record the last night of fun.
Fixing and decorating the venue- Since the last day of the grooms bachelor day is so special, we recommend that a judicious venue is decided. The venue is predominantly dependent upon the number of guests invited at the party. We also decorate the venue according the theme of the wedding. We can organize bachelor parties in popular clubs and resorts of your choice across Kerala.
Bachelor party food -Wining and dining form an integral part of any party or get-together. Meloda Events managers will sit with you to decide the kind of catering or menu that you might require at the party.
Bachelor party clothes- Clothes for the groom are especially designed for the day. It is usually a tuxedo with a bow tie minus the sash unless there is a conscious choice of casuals. Besides we can also provide designer attires for the grooms friends and family who would be attending the party on the day.
Bachelor party song and games– Fun and games are an essential aspect of the bachelors part to make it a night to remember. We organize games and even small stand-up comic shows to suit the occasion. If the venue is a night club, the grooms favorite music and songs are played. Alternatively, we could also arrange a live band to perform on the night. We also arrange DJ parties, cocktail and mocktail parties. We also prepare and create dance floors with lighting and night club arrangements at the venue of your choice.
Bachelor party favours- If there is a party, there is a return gift or party favour that is given away during to the guests. It will be a memento of in the form of a plaque or anything that is handed to the invitees when they leave.