Bhangra, Dandiya and Qawwali

Entertainment speaks the language of democracy and so do these art forms as they arrive into Kerala. Bhangra, Dandiya and Qawwali are famous art forms of Punjab, Gujrat and Sindh and Punjab regions, respectively. They are extremely popular due to its robust movements and melodious renditions.

Melodia Events in Kerala is one of the most-approached Event Management companies in Kerala for these art forms. We provide original entertainment with indigenous dancers who will present this to their target audience with appeal.

Bhangra- Bhangra is a fast and vigorous folk dance believed to have originated in northern undivided Punjab. Formerly called bagga it is known to be a martial dance and practiced seasonally during Vaisakhi. The month represented reaping of the harvest of predominantly the wheat crop, which is also the staple food of the Punjabis. It developed as a stage and dance routine in the late 20th century in Indias Punjab, as several dance troupes in the regions were also formed. It was popularized in the western community, in parts of England when the emigrants from Punjab would settle there for labour works.

Dandiya- The Dandiya is also called Dandiya Raas or Garba. It originated in Vrindavan formulated by Lord Krishna and usually depicts the playfulness and charms of Lord Krishna and Radha. Usually done by women, it includes props of sticks called dandiyas and performed as a dedication to the Goddess Durga. It is popular dance form performed during Navratri and would originally depict the fight between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura. As a ritual of worship, the performances are devotional but now a part of merriment too. Since its fame, the Raas Garba or Dandiya is now performed both by men and women around the world.

Qawwali- Ideally a form of Sufi devotional music it found its origins in the Muslim communities of the Punjab and Sindh regions of undivided India. It would be performed only in Dargahs and Sufi shrines it received popularity with famous singers who brought to the world of cinematic music. They usually perform in groups by men and are known as Qawwali party or Humnawa. There is a lead singer and two side singers and accompanying instrument players such as the harmonium, table and dholak. Chorus repeats are popular with these types of songs to emphasize a prayer or an issue.

Melodia Events assembles professional Bhangra, Dandiya and Qawwali teams. All stage and venue erections are coordinated by us. A strong stage set with microphones and resounding percussion instruments are gathered for the Qawwali which may feature songs of the present generation. The Bhangra is performed by trained local dancers and stage with proper fittings and light with audience participation is arranged by us. As for the Dandiya, this is arranged usually during Navratri in huge grounds with entrance ticketing where necessary, lighting and fast-paced music to the preference of the young audience.