Date : 04/07/18

Life without celebrations and events is apparently worthless. For happiness and pleasant memories, celebration of every occasion that comes your wa

Date : 28/05/18

Life without dance and music is null and void. There is only one life before you attain moksha. And that very miracle called life should be led swi

Date : 01/03/18

What is wedding planning?

Wedding planning is known as arranging and managing all wedding events from logistic to venue booking, from doc

Date : 05/01/18

“Some people look for a beautiful event. Others make an event beautiful.” Melodia Events - Event Managem

Date : 25/10/16

Melodia events will allow you to successfully launch and promote your brand not only within Kerala but also across the country. It facilitates an organization in achieving its corporate goals through product launches, brand promotions, seminars, conferences and road shows. HR Events and initiatives HR or Human Resources within an organization plays a major role in […]