Date : 28/05/18

Life without dance and music is null and void. There is only one life before you attain moksha. And that very miracle called life should be led switching on the happy mode 24/7 irrespective of the ups and downs, life has to offer. Enjoying every bit of the life is truly impossible for every one of us. No matter what, we should try hard letting go off our insecurities, worries and what not! Shout out your musings and shake your legs and hips as the DJ music fusioned by Melodia Events rolls down at the auspicious event, you have been looking forth so far. Melodia Events has earned recognition across Kerala for being the perfect DJ event planner in Kerala and cinematic dance organizer in Kochi.

As the lights fade

When there is a life event, be it personal events such as wedding, birthday, anniversaries or corporate or cultural events, Melodia Events ought to be the best name that should cross your head. The valuable service from Melodia does not restrict to Kochi alone. It has its wings spread over the land of Malabar Biryani too. Yes, Melodia Events are the best event organizers in Kochi as well. They have customized DJ parties catering to the needs of their clients. The professional DJ will help you burn the floor bringing up fusion music much in sync with the theme of your party. Nobody would leave the party without moving their legs at least one step up and two steps back. The techniques of DJ music such as phrasing, beatmatching, blending recorded music, equalization, cueing, audio-mixing are all solely done by the DJ through well-updated equipments like audio mixers, special DJ controller hardware, vinyl records, amplification sound systems etc. They are known as the best DJ Pary planners in Thrissur, Kerala.

Food to add flavor to your dance movements

Melodia Events are there at your service bringing the food for the event organized and also decorating the venue as you wanted it to be. Installation of LED lighting systems, nightclub laser systems, theatrical lights, fog, smoke, bubble machines, flame-effect simulators etc to make the function a feast to the eyes are not a big deal for them. Besides that, Melodia Events also supplies bartenders, waitresses and bouncers so that your worry about the function is reduced to the maximum.

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