Date : 04/07/18

Life without celebrations and events is apparently worthless. For happiness and pleasant memories, celebration of every occasion that comes your way is mandatory. Unfortunately, not many are completely equipped enough to organize themselves for any kind of celebration. It is in that scenario, event management team appears before you for your rescue. These days, such teams are mushrooming everywhere in Kerala. But, as it is the quality of the service that matters here, any random person in Kerala would suggest you choose Melodia Events located in Thrissur, Calicut and Kochi. They plan, organize, coordinate and execute the event in such a way that the memories of the event cling on to you forever. This is why Melodia Events is considered the best event management company in Kochi.

What Melodia Events has in Store for You?

Wedding Event Management

The major highlight of every wedding is the wedding photography and videography. Melodia Events is there for you make your dream wedding possible with lots of amazing photographs captured in order to keep them close to your heart for your lifetime. After giving away the samples of the work, Team Melodia helps the clients to have a greater time with the wedding photography without losing its artistic touch and professionalism. HD-Cams, Heli Cams, Slider Cams etc are a few equipments we have for you. Apart from these, Team Melodia plays a significant role in choosing the best theme based wedding venue, invitation cards, jewellery, costumes, floral decorations, salons and beauty parlors, astrologer, accommodation for guests, choreographers and even transportation at an affordable cost. Yes, Melodia Events is the best event organizer in Kochi.

Corporate Event Organizing

On-site and Off-site corporate events such as induction and training programs, conferences, felicitation functions, panel discussions, road shows, product launch can be implemented right here. Also, check with the special guest appointments, trade show exhibitions, video conferencing, seeking sponsorships are a few other facilities, provided by Melodia Events.

Personal Events

Every week there would be something for us to celebrate in our families and social organizations. It could be a birthday party, naming ceremony, alumni meet, get together, religious events and theme based parties. Besides helping the client to pick up a theme, gifts and supplies for the event and even throwing in a DJ party is very happily fulfilled.

Music, Entertainment and Cultural Events

Who doesn’t like music and dance?!! Melodia Events makes sure that based on the entertainment and taste of your choice, art forms such as Margamkali, Duffmuttu, Mappilapattu, Oppana, Bhangra, Dandiya, Qawwali and DJ music, Sufi dance, band set, Live music band and concerts are there to feel you delighted.

The food and catering service for any event is happily carried out Team Melodia. Even immediate services are easily assured by the team keeping in mind the excellence of it. Event management in Kochi is not a bigger task for us.


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