Bridal make-up

The wedding day is an extremely special day for the bride-to-be.
Melodia presents qualified professionals who provide personal service and helps the bride achieve an effortless beauty on her wedding day. She is left feeling confident, radiant and feminine. The team will help you choose from a wide range of colours and style that would suit your skin. Services can be extended to the family members as well.
Trials: All potential brides are recommended to have a hair and make-up trial before the actual wedding. All queries, options and possibilities can be discussed during the trial to ensure smooth sailing during the wedding. Trials can be conducted three months prior to the wedding. It will also calm the bride on the wedding morning before the actual session without being worried as to how she might look in the last minute.
Time: Hair and makeup trials take at least two and a half hours to complete and this also depends upon the kind of colours, the type of make-up and the kind of style that you might require. Appointments can be scheduled at the convenience of the bride.
Make-up: The bridal make-up is a careful and meticulous process and here are just some of the steps that our professionals might administer.
Face: Make-up starts with cleansing the face. The skin of the face is then moisturized to achieve an even skin tone. Branded primers are applied after application of the moisturizer which helps to keep the make-up in place for long hours. A concealer covers the spots and blemishes on the skin. A mineral foundation is applied and blended well especially under the eyes. A bronzer is applied to accentuate the contour of the face and make it look sharp.
Eyes: The eyelids shades are usually a peachy pink shade and charcoal shadow on the exterior of the eyelid. This gives the eyes a smoky effect. A jet-black waterproof eyeliner is applied with some mascara.
Lips: Thin lips are lined with a natural line colour and plump lips are naturally lip lined and darker shades of lipstick are used. Fuller lips use darker shades and thin lips use lighter shades.
Our professionals use natural and branded products only with proven results.