Car decorations

Weddings are a sign of love and happiness. We at Melodia are professional wedding and event management planners from Kerala who interact with the families and take part in their intensive planning for the occasion for weeks and even months before the actual day. Every occasion on the day is to be celebrated including the drive in the car where the couple go home together when the wedding is over.
Car decorations are many and not just limited to floral decorations. Besides the car the bride and groom are driving in, there are also requests to decorate the cars of other members of the family and the car transporting the guests too. Car decorations can range from royal decorations to classy, exclusive, elegant, stylish, traditional and simple.

Some ideas

Window clings– Window clings are ideal for people with subtle taste and require minimal decorations. They are classy and ornamental both at the same time. They come as self-adhesives and are made of water-proof vinyl. We can customize window clings just for the occasion.
Ribbons– Ribbons are most suited for the classy and elegant look. Materials used are usually in satin. It can be either tied all over the car or small bows can be placed all over the car. A small bunch of flowers on the bows will give it a classy look. Ribbon materials can be in satin, zari, organza, the north Indian bandhni and drapes.
Posters -The use of posters and banners is fairly new and innovative. They are big in size so that it can be seen from afar and can rest on the fender of the car. They are in the form of magnetic posters and can be placed almost anywhere on the car. It can be personalized with custom names of the bride and groom or can even have Just Married written on it.
Flowers– Flowers are never ignored in a South Indian wedding and it is a great way to decorate the car. Natural flowers are usually preferred over artificial ones and it enhances the dcor of a car. Bouquets on the bonnet and hatchback are very popular with single flowers on the rest of the area of the car.