Cinematic Dance, Cochin

The Dance- Cinematic dance is a present-day, modern dance move, which mostly reproduced from films. Developed in the around the middle of the 20th century, the dance form is myriad and grown tremendously in popularity due to its elements of incorporation of a variety of dances, used as a form of simple expression. Cinematic dance in India is relatively new and its perception also varies from individual to individual. All classical dance styles have a code, but cinematic dance does not have a code. Cinematic dance in India remains a modified art usually an adaptation of traditional dance styles and mixing it with western dance forms. Cine dance forms are extremely useful to create an awareness burning social issues, which may not be easily understood with a traditional form of dance. Though, it is argued that cinematic dance form in India is not a dance at all and possesses its roots in western dancing and not from traditional Indian dances.

The Event- Melodia Events is a versatile and innovative Event Management Company in Kerala that organizes weddings, corporate functions and social events. Identifying and decorating venues and luminous presentations are a signature of Melodia Events. Knowing the popularity of cinematic dance and Bollywood dancing, we will prepare a venue in accordance to the theme of the occasion and even present dances as required by the theme.

The dance- Cinematic dance is a rave with most youngsters around the world, making India and Kerala no different. Our professional coordinating team shows its expertise in assembling these cinematic dancers and even training them for their presentation during the event. Costume designs and music are usually as per the theme of the wedding or function. The dancers are also trained to facilitate, which means during their dance, they will invite people on ground or on stage to shake a leg. Even ad-hoc requests from the audience to dance a particular popular movie number is entertained by the group. Old cine songs are remixed with trance and drum beats and presented to the favour of the audience which is attributed as the latest fad. Melodia Events is always prepared and experienced to handle all events in and around Kerala.