Conference Management

Melodia Events is a very popular event management company in Kerala. Our professionals are skilful, meticulous and specially trained in communication. We are reputed to provide completed and effective tasks at your doorstep.

Conferences are essential for an organization to network with other industry heads, present data, build the team and provide a forum to all members of the organization to discuss product performances, tools, technologies and processes of an organization. There are many aspects to planning a conference. The arrangements can be minute, meticulous and time-consuming. Melodia Events has the necessary task force and prerequisite to arrange conferences in the style required by the organization or committee.

Budgeting- We enable you to understand your expenses for the conference. We prepare budgeted expenses, guidelines and estimated cost involved for an activity. The budget may include conference registration expenses, materials fees, flight expenses, lodging expenses, transportation expenses and food expenses. We will help you visualize a summative assessment of the expenses versus the actual.

Venue and catering- We will examine potential venues on the organization or committees behalf and provide various choices and styles of the venue. Besides this, we will provide you with conference room styles that can be banquet style, stand-up, Lecture or theater style, Square style for larger groups, U-Shape setup and classroom style. We will also arrange appropriate catering menus for the conference depending on the number of people and the time of the conference.

Equipment- Equipments will be supplied for the conference such as overhead projectors, slide and film projectors, projector stands, remote controls for the projectors, video equipments, microphones and loudspeakers, auxiliary equipments such as flip charts and slide trays and lighting. All equipment will be suitably installed and checked for working conditions.

Facilities- Meeting room facilities may range anywhere from computers to computer hookups to support and maintenance of these facilities. We will provide computer supplies, check for wifi capabilities, sufficient electrical power, adequacy of ceiling lights for the conference, covering windows, alarm systems and CCTV surveillances. We also provide with requisite stationery facilities required at a conference.

Speakers and registration- Our speakers are well-trained to conduct a conference along with inviting participation and making presentations at the opening and closing of the conference. We will provide conference registrations and data will be uploaded for organizational records.

Transportation and lodging- We can negotiate the best rate possible with hotels for conferences. We can arrange flights, cabs, transport to and from the hotel and airport and driving to and from the conference.