Corporate retreats

Corporate annual retreats are essential in an organization to solidify the management team and improve effectiveness of a team. Melodia Events, the leading event management company in Kerala typically designs, organizes and facilitates executive retreats for an organization. It enables the group, team or organization to look away from day to day routines and demands and concentrate on strategic thinking and the organizations future. Melodia Events helps the organization in strategic planning and budgeting, discussion of specific issues that are faced by the organization, team building exercises, problem solving tactics, orienting and training new members and developing annual goals and objectives.

Time and duration of the retreat- We will enable an organization to decide on the time that they might have to spend on a retreat. This means drafting an agenda. We broadly outline agendas on the basis of introductions, welcomes, purpose overviews and guidelines which are the opening for any executive retreat. We will have discussion times that will range from 45 minutes to an hour after which there will be break times. Lunch breaks are planned and at the end summary of days discussion and review of the agenda for the next day can be conducted. On an average executive retreats are at least for two days.

Facilitator- We provide experienced facilitators will develop the agenda and set realistic goals for the retreat. Our facilitators will facilitate the group discussion and are experts in group processes and dynamics, decision making and building consensus. It is generally difficult for a participant of the retreat to be a facilitator. Our facilitator will provide a written report and summary of the discussions, decisions and action taken.

Equipment, catering and venue- We decide and develop layouts for the retreat. Most of the meetings are U-shaped meeting rooms. We link group dynamics with meeting space which corporate and cozy both at the same time. Coffee, soft drinks and water can be served during the meeting. For audio-visual equipments we provide LCD projectors, DVD, VCR and televisions, metal display with easel, flipchart with easel, markers, portable white boards, sound systems, screens and laptops. We also provide wireless microphones which can be handheld and lapel microphones. We will have technicians round the clock to assist with the on-goings of the meeting. Lunch and breakfast provisions will be made during appropriate break times and pre-decided menu.

Retreat essentials- We will provide with onsite staffing for the registration process, seating charts, conference folders and stationary for the retreat. We will also display signages and give away promotional products to the participants. Transportation is available from and to all airports and destinations. We will arrange with the hotels to book the guests during the retreat.