Cultural Events

Kerala is a land of many religions and it carries along with a rich heritage. As much as folk lore and traditions of Kerala are admired, so is its culture. Events and festivals are not new to Kerala and there are many things-to-do lists when you are here. The diverse culture only makes room for more cultural events around the city. And so, Melodia Events, the leading Event Management Company in Kerala, is there to serve you at your every request to provide some of the best arrangements that might be required to arrange a cultural event.

The Event- A cultural event could be anything. It could be a concert, a theatrical play, an evening of music and dance performances. Melodia Events is a magic planner in organizing cultural events according to the theme of the cultural event. We are involved in the process of event planning and budgeting along with you and even take an idea, analyze it and convert it into a theme to befit your tastes. The project planning, infrastructure requirements and network agency meetings will all be conveyed to you well in advance for you, initiating decision-making and planning at your premises.

The venue –Selecting the right venue for the event is definitely a tedious process. We will provide a list of venues in our network control for you to choose from. We will then evaluate and plan the site according to the event. It usually depends upon the size of the invitees that may be present for the event. We will also evaluate along with you the safety measures of the venue such as fire safety, compatible electricity systems, emergency procedures, traffic arrangements etc.

The programme- People will attend a programme when the content is creative and engaging. Melodia Events are experts at creating a suitable agenda, content and participatory aspects to the programme according to audience capacities. Our facilitators and hosts are well-trained to engage the audience to a comfortable level. We will arrange for exquisite entertainment programmes and performances to captivate the audience.