Decorators and Florists

Decorations play an integral part in a wedding, be it the traditional mandap, the stage, the guest area or the car. It is essential to have them decorated to attain colour and festivity to the occasion. Once the venue is chosen, we arrange to decorators and florists to recreate areas of the main venue, the entrance of the venue, the passages, backdrops, tables and chairs.
Melodia gives you a choice of decorators and florists to cater to your need. All of them are professional and competitive within their line of work and provide the best of services.

Stage Decoration
Best Wedding Stage Decorators

Points to remember

The Big Picture We tend to look at only the small things such as only decorating the center pieces or just the tables and chairs etc. Professionals recommended by Melodia help you look at the big picture the venue, the backdrops, the reception area and the transportation included,
Booking on time- Marriage seasons in India are evident and Melodia ensures that all decorators and florists are present at the venue before time to finish their decorations, with the necessary accessories and not causing a hindrance on the day of the celebration.
After the event– Melodia hires professional decorators and florists who take care of not only setting up of the venue but also dismantling it and folding the items away. Dismantling is usually done after the prescribed date of hire is completed which is often discussed with the client well before the ceremony.
Budget– We keep in mind the budgetary constraints and planning before we recommend the flowers. Flowers can range from the least expensive to the most expensive. We will advise a compromise if it is not required but recommend a product if it is essential.
Colour and theme– Our decorators and florists are experts with a number of themes and colours and this mainly centers around what the bride and groom will be wearing on the wedding day.
Some flower choices
Marigold- Marigold is a traditional and cheery Indian flower and popular with Indian weddings. The white and gold magnificence is always a choice in south India.
Chrysanthemum– Chrysanthemums come in several colours blue, purple, orange and other bright colours. They are a sign of joy and can make a good choice as a center piece.
Jasmine– The jasmine is an auspicious flower adorned by the Indian bride at her wedding. The garlands are usually made of jasmine.
Roses– Roses are a sign of love and most modern weddings choose roses to adorn their wedding venues. A contemporary wedding dcor usually uses roses in combination with jasmines, tuberoses and chrysanthemums.