The Duffmuttu dance is a very special dance for the Muslim community of Kerala. It is also called Aravanmuttu or Arabanamuttu. The origins of the dance are traced back to the Arabs and the name Duffmuttu is affiliated to the instrument used in the dance called the Duff which is also an Arabic word. The dance is performed in connection with Urs. The Urs is celebrated in connection to the mosques. The Duffmuttu is also performed at weddings. It is a staged event requiring at least 6 males for the performance. The traditional instrument used in the dance is made of wood and has ox skin on one side. The dancers drum it with their hands. The dance is performed to depict the glory of the Creator in Arabic and is considered a tribute to famous saints and heroes.

Melodia Events, event Management Company in Kerala is associated and well-versed with the traditional dances of Kerala. We have organized events to the taste and tradition of the party either as wedding or staged events.

Venue and time- As a wedding performance the time of the dance is always pre-ordained but when it is a staged event, we also help decide the timing of the event as well as the venue. We will choose a venue depending on the number of guests invited for the event.

The Event- The Duffmuttu in Kerala is performed at nuptial ceremonies. It is performed as a ritualistic dance form to welcome the groom to the brides venue. The dancers, dressed in traditional Duffmuttu costume which is extremely colorful, with a head gear, stand on both sides of the auditorium as the groom walks in the middle. In the midst of this dance, the groom will ascend the stage.

Stage and equipment- Melodia Events are professional event managers and coordinators who are experts in stage and equipment setups at any venue of your choice. We will erect a stage with LED lights and security for the event. The sound systems and acoustics will be conducive to the reach of the audience. Microphones are placed at strategic locations on the stage for the singers to reach their voices to the audience.