Exhibition services and fabrication

An exhibition is a display and demonstration of skill sets or application of skills with selected items, products and services. It should be meaningful and educative, yet providing colour, fun and entertainment to the people attending the event. These exhibitions are valuable not only because of the volume of communication but also its versatility in displaying and explaining a product or service face to face with the customer. An exhibition requires careful planning, a lot of hard work, networking and logistical insight. Melodia Events are master planners of exhibitions providing elaborate to medium and even small sized exhibitions in Kerala.

Our staff are fully trained and equipped to execute exhibition services, stall design and fabrications in accordance to the needs of the client or organization.

Event planning- Once specific objectives of the event is established we go about the task of planning the exhibition. We will organize a planning committee who will also act as coordinators to the exhibition. We will develop a exhibition and sales message and finalize a suitable date depending upon the size of the exhibition and the number of invitees.

Budgeting- We will help you budget your exhibition in conjunction with the sponsors. Our coordinators will ensure that the event runs within the stipulated budget with any marginal expenditure which will be accounted for before the start of the project itself. All anticipated expenses and funding will be documented along with projected revenue.

Venue- We will select a suitable venue which will be located centrally located for easy accessibility and logistical management. Booking the venue well before time saves any last minute rush to look for a venue which may be unavailable at the time. We will provide audio-visual facilities with lighting and decoration at the venue.

Publicity- It is necessary to draw as many people as possible to the exhibition to make it a success. We will help publicize your event on electronic media as well as providing physical invitations to ensure voluminous presence of audience. Besides we will also print show invites such as flyers, brochures, catalogues and advertisements. We arrange promotional gifts, visitor and press kits, staff badges, backdrops and signage. We also take care of internal documents and communications with a display of relevant web pages and email addresses listed on every item of the show.

Booth and stall set ups- Melodia Events in Kerala will plan and set up booths with product information for marketing the exhibit. We have portable stall designs which are durable, easy to set up and dismantle. We design and set up kiosks at strategic locations with appropriate markings for entry and exits.