Hall decorations

Decorating the venue depends purely on the type of wedding that you wish to have. Melodia are a leading event management company in Kerala specially equipped to handle weddings in and around Kerala. We will first assess the budget that you have allocated for the decorations and how elaborate you would wish it to be. The tone and ambience of the hall is set by the overall dcor. Many wedding planners simply incorporate the brides wedding colour to the venue, but we would rather choose a theme that the dcor would revolve around.

Some basic elements

The Entrance– It is always necessary to decorate the entrance of the venue. We can include fountains, statues or ice sculptures. Also a rave is vegetable carving where different types of art work in the form of birds and animals are carved together with different types of vegetables and fruits. The table at the entrance can also have a guest book to be signed by the guests, a table for place cards or a sign in tree or a photo mat. All will be finally decorated with flower petals or wedding confetti.
Sweet heart table– The bride and groom will have special tables with candle lights, flower decorations or fairy lights. They can be draped in organza fabric and the back drop can have coloured lighting.
Table and chairs– The tables and chairs in the hall will essentially be covered with linen or satin. The white, clean-cut ones have a traditional look and some alternate colour can be added between two chairs. Tables can have overlays and runners for an elegant and layered look. Chairs will be covered in accordance to colour and texture of the fabric used on the tables. Ornate chairs or chivari chairs can also be used that do not require any covers.
Center pieces– Each table will have a center piece with flower vases. Center pieces can also be in the form of candle stands if you do not wish to use too many fresh flowers. Floating candles in a glass bowl or candelabras are an ideal choice. Even mini versions of the wedding cake or wedding theme can be incorporated as the center piece.

Contemporary themes

Some of the most contemporary themes that we do in Kerala, is decorating the hall as a dance floor. We create the ideal dance floor effect with lightings, sound systems and a DJ. We can make the dance floor look white or wood or any other non-corrosive material.
We have a wide range of themes and samples that we discuss and display to our clients for their wedding day.