HR Events and initiatives

HR or Human Resources within an organization plays a major role in providing the organization with structure and the ability to meet its business needs through the companys most valuable resources its employees. HR does essential functions such as recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits and maintaining compliance with labor and employment laws, it also plays a crucial role in employee relations and resolution of workplace conflict. HR events play a major role in retaining employees and client base.

Types of Events- Melodia Events offer on-site and off-site HR events and initiative services and planning. Organizational requirements can range from team building programs, HR meetings and conferences, awards and felicitation functions within the organization and externally and cross-team discussion platforms.

Broad perspective- Melodia Events in Kerala specialize in meeting preparations, venue bookings, guest speaker appointments and invitations, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, web conferencing and web-casting facilities, trade show exhibitions and food and beverage planning. We skillfully put together a well-designed and well-orchestrated program depending on the size of the organization and its budget.


Drafting an event purpose and concept– We draft and define the purpose of the event which is an essential starting point for success of the meeting. Along with the organization, we brainstorm and outline measurable, specific and achievable time frame for the event.

Event management plan We develop an event management plan which will draft

  • the objectives
  • project plan
  • budget
  • program schedule
  • contact list
  • traffic and logistics management
  • site and venue plan and details
  • security briefs
  • contracts with any external suppliers
  • marketing or promoting the event social media platforms
  • risk and contingency management plan
  • first aid and equipment list, if any

Sponsorship If the event requires any sponsorship, we will approach the appropriate bench on behalf of HR to achieve the sponsors approval for the event. Seeking sponsorships from businesses not only is time consuming but also frustrating if the approach is not strategized. We will also research the shortlisted sponsors of the organization and analyze if their philosophy matches the event.