Live Music Band

Kerala is known for not only for its traditional dances and folk music but also known for alternative genres of music. There are several live music bands performing popularly in and around Kerala and wooed by the general public for their show of radical music. Loved mostly by the younger generation, their music has proven to be away from normal and appealing to the views of this generation. Melodia Events is probably the only Event Management Company in Kerala with adequate knowledge of such high-voltage music in Kerala.

Performance venues- Performances of live music bands are usually requested by educational institutions, prolific schools and college campuses to hold a live band performance at a fest. The venue may be the institution itself and Melodia Events will mold the venue to the need of the occasion. We will arrange to decorate the venue according to the theme of the fest or party with dance floors and stage set ups. The stage is prepared depending on the size of the audience. If the audience is restricted, that is, if even external audiences are not allowed to view the performance, then the venue is usually the ground or auditorium of the institution. Where large and external crowds are expected, Melodia Events will choose the appropriate venue for such a show.

Ticketing– Whether the show is within the institution or outside it, such events require tickets. We will print and prepare the tickets with the name of the show, the performers, the date, time and address of the venue. A website will also be prepared which will be printed on the ticket.

Social Media and Advertising- Melodia Events marketing team will set up marketing strategies, which might include social media popularity, banners and audio-visual advertising. We will invite audiences to book their shows on the social media platform as well. Websites will be hosted carrying the history and details of the show held by the institution.

The band- We will transport the band ranging in demand and popularity to the venue with their accessories such as guitars, synthesizers, turntables, drums, bass and the team of vocalists. Adequate sound and acoustic systems will be set up for volume reach to entertain the audience.