Margam Kali is a traditional dance specific to the Syrian Christian community in Kerala. It is considered as originated from Jewish dance and songs and having common links with the Saint Thomas Christian dance form. Margam in Malayalam means path or way and in the religious context means solution. The Margam Kali is a dance which was initially performed upon the arrival of Saint Thomas in the Malabar region and is associated with his miracles.

The performance- The Margam Kali is performed by about 12 dancers wearing traditional costumes. There is clapping around a lamp called the Nilavilakku where the lamp depicts Christ. The costume is usually a traditional mundu which is a white dhoti and a white blouse also called the Chatta. Most of the songs are dated before the invasion of the Portuguese. It is a dance predominantly performed by the women of the community.

The Event- The Margam Kali is a stage event usually performed at wedding ceremonies in Kerala. With dancing and clapping, the dancers use palm-sized cymbals and sing along with the music emanated from the cymbals. The dance is performed in order to welcome the bride and groom into their new world.

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