Orchestra (Cochin and Thrissur)

A band playing multiple sets of instruments is an orchestra. An orchestra is a collective group of people who come together to play various instruments for the party or for a singer. Many Christian marriage events that take place in and around Cochin and Thrissur hire bands to perform in their weddings. Though, now it is a culture followed by most religions in the area. Melodia Events are a company in Kerala that arrange music and entertainment by an orchestra. We assemble the people and the instruments to suit the required audience. Unless specifically requested the orchestra plays instrumental music of their choice.

Stage requirements- In a case where an orchestra is arranged to play separately for an event, we arrange the stage requirements and a pandal where the band can play their songs. Setting up the stage is a very important process. Melodia Events takes into account the acoustics of the room or venue where the orchestra will be playing. We will also set the lighting of the stage with run lights and spot lights.

Singers and facilitators- If the orchestra does not have their own singer, we will provide for one. We will allow the singers enough practice and rehearsal time before they step up before the audience where they are required to sing. Where the band does not have their own facilitators, Melodia events will provide for the same.

Equipment- Stage equipment plays a very important role in the running of an orchestra. Melodia Events have extensive knowledge in all types of sound systems and components. We will provide with the microphones, speakers, stage monitor speakers and power amp. We will provide also with speaker stands, microphone stands and cables and power amplifier cables. We will place condenser microphones on the guitars and the bass guitar amp. We will provide dynamic microphones for the singers. Lighting systems may include overhead spots, backlighting and lighting specials positioned directly in front of the orchestra with colours such as pink, red and blue gels.