Religious Events

Kerala and Thrissur in Kerala are famous for religious festivals. Thrissur by itself is called the cultural capital of Kerala. There are many festivals in Kerala, all religions celebrate festivals. Christians celebrate many types of Parish festivals (Perunnal) and each Parish celebrates them individually. Each Parish also protects under it a certain number of families which are also part of the celebrations. There are many Hindu festivals too such as Pooram, vela etc, which are celebrated around the year. These festivals are associated with the Hindu temples in the region. The region is home to several Muslim families too and there are many idgahs present in the city. The Muslim celebrations are also conducted with a lot of pomp. Melodia Events, event management company in Thrissur, Kerala is proud to be associated with the religious festivals of Thrissur. We organize any religious event and the two presented below are just examples of the many that our professionals at Melodia Events can conduct.

Thrissur Pooram Coined as one of the greatest shows on earth the Thrissur Pooram is a spellbinding spectacle of caparisoned elephants and displays of percussion instruments. The crowd assembled is enthusiastic and the gathering is very large. Melodia Events has been associated with the Thrissur Pooram for a very long time. Since the dates of the event are already published in the local calendar, we begin with arranging the lighting and decorations for the temple. We arrange the curtain raising pyrotechnics. We also arrange the golden masks and decorations on the elephants. Panchavaadyam and naadaswaram are essential in any religious Hindu festival as a mark of auspiciousness. One of the major attractions of the festival is Thrissur Pooram Exhibition which is considered as one of the biggest trade fairs happening in South India. We arrange stalls, kiosks and make-shift shops for trading and exhibitions. We team up with commercial houses and the entertainment industry to showcase their goods.

Pindi Perunnal Pindi Perunnal is the feast of Epiphany or Theophany. It is a parish festival where the church is completely decorated in lights. Melodia Events prepare the sound and lighting arrangements not only for the church but also for the houses that have been adopted by the church. There are shops, stalls and kiosks installed. The festival lasts for at least two days during which on the second day, we arrange gaana melam, drama and exhibitions in the church courtyards