Road Shows

Road shows allow you to take your brand and product directly to the consumer. Many corporate structures in Kerala are opting for road shows other than spot advertising, billboards and magazine advertisements. Melodia Events, leading Event Management Company in Kerala aims at providing road show experiences which are successful and memorable. We will put up road shows which are live in the place and city of your choice besides social media, banners and flyers. We will also provide radio scripts to team with the leading radio channel to take your brand to the consumer.

With live promos and show our talented videographers and photographers will capture every moment and prepare highlights for the companys records. Our design team is highly skilful and will help you create promotional material without conceptualizing the event.

Identifying cities and venues- When an organization wants to spread its brand message across the country, it is imperative that they choose the city they want to reach out to, the target audience and the venues within and outside their own area of operation. If a city is familiar, then we will reach out directly to the organizational operations of the city to discuss and set up the road show. If the city is unfamiliar, then we will spend time with our representatives to explore city choice options besides venues within the city where the road shows can be held.

Communication- Once the venue has been identified, it is time to communicate POAs and identify resources who will take the brand across to the consumer. Every venue will get the same information unless there are unique and specific requests to a particular place. Technicians can reach out from our principle location to travel to the venue or we will identify technical capabilities through our network to enable technical fine-tuning.

Shipping and transportation- If the brands and products are produced in one single place, then we will arrange transportation of items from the principle venue across to the venues declared for the road show. We will plan the events in such a way that there is enough time between two road shows for the unique items to reach the said venue.

Closures and weather issues- We will check ahead for any kind of closures of the particular state and potential weather issues, if any. If there are any local holidays or holidays with weekends or any political issue, is always identified by us before hand.