Role of Melodia, Master of Ceremonies

The role of wedding planners is crucial in the Indian wedding scene. South Indian weddings are a huge affair and planning and coordinating events for the auspicious merging of two destinies.
Though, relatively new in India, the event management and wedding planning industry has grown exponentially over the years and has not remained just a household affair managed by friends and elders of a family. Spending powers have increased and so have exposure to trendy lifestyles and born are new imaginations for parties and events. It is one of the fastest growing industries and currently worth about 60,000 crores and counting.
Anchor, host, emcee– A master of ceremonies or an MC (emcee) is a compere who can host an event that is either staged or gathered such as a wedding or a reception. The MC speaks to the audience, entertains them and keeps the event running.
Melodia Events in Kerala provide reputed MCs who are linguists (can speak several languages besides the Malayalam) and act as protocol officers to the ceremony. Hosting services are available in English as well. The MC is available as a music artist, standup comedian or a vocalist. Male and female MCs are available who focus on audience participation and attention.
Wedding receptions in Kerala are a popular ground for the emcee. They ensure movement of the agenda by capturing and maintaining the attention of the guests, keeping the guests informed of events of the day, directing the guests to attend towards the bride and groom and inviting guest participation in an event.
Our Master of Ceremonies are skillful and are trained in overall presentations, introductory messages, microphone handling techniques, theater and staging, voice modulations and delivering applause cues. They also produce announcements on formal group photos, dinner services, welcoming bride and groom into the dining area and even inviting goodwill speeches for the family and friends of the bride and groom.