Salon and Spa

The bridal salon and spa business in India is by far one of the largest industries in the world. Melodia Events in Kerala recognizes the need for pre-bridal treatments and assists the not only the bride but also the extended family for distressing treatments. We will plan, arrange and fix appointments for the treatments and our professionals will help you outline the kind of treatments that you might require before the big day.

Beauty treatments for the face- The wedding is such an important day of the brides life. Our beauty professionals take care of the face such as exfoliating the skin, threading the eyebrows and providing a facial (gold or pearl facials are recommended). Waxing also ensures smooth skin and body at least a week ahead of the wedding. Bleaching treatments for the face should be done once a month for at least three months before the wedding.

Body Polishing- Catching up fast, body polishing ensures that your body is hydrated and scrubbed so that the skin is looks beautiful and young. A body pack a few days before the wedding will give the skin a sheen.

Manicure and Pedicure -A manicure and pedicure provide good hands and feet. Our professionals will pamper the hands and feet to get nourishing nails, hands and feet.

Hair colouring and hair spa- Hair spa gives you a soft and silky hair and colouring your hair would display freshness and youth. Unwanted grey hair is unseen and hair can be coloured in shades of black, brown and burgundy.

Body massage- Unwanted pressures before the marriage and the thought of getting into a new environment can cause a lot of stress. A relaxing body massage helps you relieve wedding jitters and rejuvenate yourself. A massage with aromatic oils recommended followed by a scrub. The therapy should be done once a week for about three to four weeks to calm the nerves.