Sufi Dance Kerala

The Sufi Dance is a festival of whirling where Dervishes whirl around and commemorate the death of the Sufi saint Mevlana or Rumi who existed around the 13th century. Considered as a form of physically active meditation, it is performed for and by the Sufis. It is believed that the Sufi orders in Kerala spread directly from Persia, the Sufis are considered role models and setters of Muslim renaissance in Kerala. There are many practices by the Dervish, the main one being dhikr which means remembering Allah in the form of prayer. Physical exertions of moving and dancing are then performed ritualistically. With the advent and exposure to the art, all communities and religions in Kerala come to see, experience and explore this art.

The costume- The traditional dress of the Dervish involves a tenure, a sleeveless skirt, a jacket with long sleeves, the destegul , a black overcoat which is also called a khirqa, a felt cap, sikke, with a turban wrapped on the head.

The practice- The rotation starts after due salutations and exchanging greetings. The whirling is done with the left foot as the axis with the ball of the foot being the center of rotation. The propulsion for rotation is provided by the right foot. If an enraptured Sufi is in danger of losing balance, another Sufi might gently touch his frock in order to restore his balance.

In Kerala- In Kerala, the Sufi Dance is performed as a stage event at weddings. The dance is performed as a welcome dance for the bride and the groom. Melodia Events, event Management Company in Kerala arrange all wedding and nuptial ceremonies in Kerala. We provide the necessary catering, stage and venue requirements. Sometimes, during the festival other communities are all also invited to present their mystical dances along with Sufism. Being festival, we also arrange for refreshment kiosks through the day for the general public with drinking water facilities. Melodias Event Managers are professional coordinators who can set up large events with their networking skills. We will tailor-make every event and festival successfully according to the events requirements.