Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are traditionally served following dinner after the wedding. They are prepared as a token of good luck to the guests and the couple. In modern times, wedding cakes are also centerpieces to a wedding and sometimes not served to the guests.

Wedding cakes come in many sizes which can feed small to even large crowds of people. It depends on the wedding and the type of guest list that has been prepared. Wedding cakes can be made according to the theme of the wedding or of course customized according to the needs of the client. Melodia Events is a Kerala based event management company which provides high end caterers to prepare your much awaited wedding cake. We create some mouth watering cakes using premier ingredients and custom designs to suit your exact needs.


Traditional- There are many types of wedding cakes, traditional wedding cakes, cakes based on flavor and frosted cakes. Traditional wedding cakes can be white in colour with decorations and varieties of icing. Flavoured cakes can be vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. There are also traditional stack cakes where each layer of cake can be different from the next one. The popular traditional stack cake is taller, with floral designs and pillars with the toppers with the model of the bride and the groom.

Flavoured- Flavour content can be added between layers of the cake such as chocolate icing, drizzles and swirls.

Fondant- A fondant cake is a creative wedding cake with the frosting draped over the tiers. Other popular cake selections are marble cake, lemon cake and royal icing which is made with sugar and egg white. These types of cakes are hard and giving detailed shapes to the cake are very easy.

Toppers– Wedding cake toppers are very popular to display models of the bride and the groom on top of the cake. It is usually in formal wedding attire of the bride and the groom.