Wedding Gifts

The culture of return gifts or party favours is a culture where guests that attend the bridal shower or the reception receive gifts as a token of thanks. It is particularly customary to present gifts to all who have attended a wedding reception. Melodia Events specializes in preparing gift lists in accordance to the guest list keeping in account the marginal presence of people that might turn up at a wedding. We will help the parties plan, procure, wrap and deliver the gifts to the appropriate venue at the time of the event.

Return gifts– A wedding reception is not complete without a return gift. We will provide guests with return gifts that will help them remember the event. It could be in accordance to the theme of the wedding or a particular color or material pertaining to the wedding.

Anchor– Emcees at a wedding are present to entertain guests, ensure participation and maintain continuity of an event. They are always presented with gifts at the end of the show to appreciate their effort and performance.

Ad-hoc– In a wedding show, the emcee could invite participation and a small game from the audience which might invite a gift opportunity. These gifts will be minimal but have to be presented to the appropriate individual or group for their participation and win.

Welcome baskets- Yet rare, the trend of welcome baskets are catching up in India where a party might request to present welcome gifts to all the guests. It might so happen that the wedding parties might make a special request to issue welcome baskets to some guests who are very near and dear to them. This could come into play especially when the grooms party or brides party are entering each others premises.

Gifts at the reception- An occasion such as a wedding definitely invites gifts, be it during the traditional wedding ceremony or the reception. Melodia Events, Kerala will have coordinators stationed to take care of the gifts received by either the bride or the groom and will see to it that they are assembled, numbered and handed over to the relevant parties after the wedding is over.