Wedding Invitations

Melodia Events as master planners provide a large and exquisite collections of wedding invitation cards. In Kerala, we provide you cards for all religions such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh wedding cards etc. Our designers are professional and create unique invitations with normal or handcrafted paper and other quality materials. Designs range from traditional Indian wedding cards to contemporary cards. Here are some things we look at for that perfect wedding invitation.
Custom Invitation cards- Melodia Events hires professionals who print their cards in-house to achieve the kind of perfection that a wedding invitation will require. Where most companies in the business may provide standard template invitations, Melodia Events professionals will sit with the party to ascertain their ideas and then draw a conclusion on the type of card that they are looking for.
Type- We provide wedding invitation cards in all colours, paper type, inks and fonts. We can even print them out in the language of your choice. Even the printing workmanship is assured and the best raw materials and machines are used to print them. New styles and trends are taken into account and color combinations are suggested accordingly. The type of wedding invitation card also depends on the wedding theme. An invitation can be matched with the main theme of the wedding.
Materials- Nowadays wedding invitation cards come in many shapes and sizes. Some materials used in making the card cloth, ivory sheets, plastic sheets and even albums. We also provide cards in handmade paper or handcrafted paper if so desired. Also we try to consider the environment and suggest biodegradable and recyclable materials to raise awareness.
Delivery- We ensure delivery of printed cards at least 1 to 2 months before the date of the wedding, giving parties enough time to go through the same. We also prepare a checklist of names and addresses where the invites have to be sent and send them according to custom print addresses of the said destination. As professionals, we always try to avoid rush orders.