Wedding jewelry

An Indian brides appearance is completed only with overall jewelry. Each and every one of the jewelry pieces has significance and rituals and formalities are carried out only after the bride has worn all of them. Most Indian weddings feature brides with yellow gold jewelry. There are a range of metals and stones to choose from.
Indian wedding is considered one of the most glamorous wedding scenes. Keeping this in mind, Melodias wedding planners display expertise in planning your budget, choosing the jewelry design and shopping them with you. We will help you choose the ideal length of the necklace, bangles with the ideal wrist circumference and earrings that display the right size.
Metals Platinum has gained a lot of importance over gold in some contemporary wedding scenes. Depending on the familys budget, we will provide you with a choice of metals such as platinum, gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Most jewelry is designed to complement white or red dresses which are frequently worn by most Indian brides at weddings. Jewelry can also be custom made with a motif and colour to complement the wedding theme.
Precious Stones- Precious stones are very important part of jewelry and every bride likes to blend their jewelry with the colour of pearls, rubies, jade, emeralds, garnets and amethysts. Pearls and diamonds remain a timeless choice till today in the wedding jewelry market.
Designers- There are several designer jewelry sets such as Desiree, Cassandra and Anita available in the market which provide an amazing range of designs. For those who are fashion conscious, Melodia will present them with an exquisite collection of Swarovski, freshwater pearls, silvers and crystals.

Some essential jewelry

Shringaar and Maang tikka- The Shringar patti piece of jewelry is worn by the bride on the forehead. It is made of gold and placed along the hairline. It has a circular pendant in the middle which gently hangs down just on the forehead. The Maang tikka is also similar to the Shringaar Patti except that it is shorter and comprises of a string with a pendant on one end and the hook on the other.
Necklace, Earrings and Nose ring- The complete bridal set of necklace along with matching earrings and nose ring is selected keeping in mind the colour of the bridal attire. The nose ring is usually studded and a single piece of jewelry in south India.
Bangles and bracelet- The bangles worn by the bride are gold and precious stones and sometimes even glass. The bangles are also chosen according to the colour of the brides attire along with hand rings. Hand rings worn are besides the engagement ring that is already present on the brides finger.