Wedding Naadaswaram and Singari Melam, Kerala

The Naadaswaram- A naadaswaram is a wind instrument played on auspicious occasions in south India. It is known by the other names of naagaswaram, nayanam and nagachinnam. It derives its name from the fact that it resembles a snake or naaga in appearance. The instrument is traditionally played in temples and weddings. The ritual taking place can actually be identified by the song or raga being played on the naadaswaram. The present day naadaswaram is relatively longer than the older days to produce a lower base pitch that is more appealing to the audience. Traditionally made out of the wood of the tree called Aacha it aldo has copper, brass, ivory and sandalwood also incorporated into it.

The Singari Melam- The Singari Melam is associated with playing the chenda ilathalam. The ilathalam resembles a pair of miniature cymbals. It is a percussion instrument used in the Singari Melam. The Singari Melam plays a great role in temple functions, Hindu deity processions, functions, weddings and receptions and parties too.

The Event- The Naadaswaram and the Singari Melam are both used in and around auspicious occasions in South India such as weddings and receptions.

Melodia Events in Kerala is always the preferred provider for weddings and social events in Kerala. We set up all events with light equipments and stages relevant to the celebration. In a wedding, we will arrange all the necessary troupes which play the Naadaswaram and the Singari Melam that can ably play the chenda ilathalam. Our coordinators will arrange for the smooth transport of the troupes along with their instruments and costumes to the venue and back. Food and catering services for the performers are provided by us. The venue will be provided with microphones, sound system and lighting for the event. Since the Naadaswaram and Singari Melam at weddings is surrounded by a huge congregation of people and formalities, our coordinators and facilitators will pre-schedule these performances as required by the auspiciousness of the occasion.