Wedding photography and videography

Wedding photos and videos have a lot more to it than just pointing and shooting. These are memories and remembrances of one of the most special days of a persons life. It is the wedding album and video that will take you back in time to re-cherish the moments. It is essential to plan the photographer and videographer as every other detail has been planned. We at Melodia take care of the following critical aspects of your videos and photos.
Samples: We provide our clients with adequate samples of our work for review and choice of photography and videographs.
Image preservation: We take adequate steps to preserve and protect your images from time. You can come back to us later to re-spruce your photos if something were to happen to it.
Style: We can customize our style of videography for you either as a documentary or cinema or even a mix of both. We will ensure that our version of style is aligned with the video that is being shot.
Artistic endeavor: We view each piece of our video as an artistic endeavor and ensure that the video is not just a story of your wedding day but a vision-oriented depiction which can even include songs. We capture emotions at unique angles.
Equipment: The equipments that we use are professional-quality cameras which can capture images and videos in any setting and light. Our mikes are powerful and we do not need inconvenient over-hanging mikes that can be a hindrance to the wedding formalities.
Some of the equipments that we use are HD-CAMs for high definition picture quality, Heli CAMs equipped with remote-controlled mini helicopters for aerial views of the venue and function or motion images, Slider CAMs for excellent focus and Go Pro with Heli CAMs providing high-definition motion videos.
Deliverables: We will discuss the date, format and additional options of the deliverable product with you before the project so that there is no delay or diversion in the final deliverables. We strive to provide value for money.
Professionalism: Professional photographers and videographers possess unique skills and are trained in technology which ensures clarity and creation of good wedding images and have the ability to display exactly the image that you might want to portray in your wedding albums and videos. Our videographers and photographers will interact with the guests and the wedding party to ensure that the best images are captured.
Melodia has also done wedding and planning projects for noted film personalities and celebrities within Kerala and Tamilnadu. We display experience and expertise in shooting short films for the film industry.