Wedding rental and staff

Once a wedding is planned and the dates are fixed, and then start the need for logistics. Melodia Events provides a list of exclusive rentals from venues to transport to trousseau not only the bride and groom but their extended families and friends.
Transport Rentals- Wedding includes many guests coming in and out. We will arrange transport hire for all the guests in accordance to the guest list. Vehicles will be parked at the venues ready to transport the needful. We will ensure that the guests are not stranded and provide with hotel rides and back.
Venue Rentals- We provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor venue choices. Banquet halls, catering halls, community halls, party lawns and gardens inclusive of pools side venues are available for rent. We will help you decide on the correct venue based on the estimate of the number of guests, the best distance for the wedding parties and the guests and the type of theme and ceremonies that may have to take place.
Catering Rentals- Good and renowned caterers in Kerala are part of Melodia Events network. They are willing to travel to your place of choice and provide quality food and beverages in accordance to the customs and guest types in the wedding. Our caterers give guests a true culinary experience in choice of menu, flavours of Kerala, vegetarian and non-vegetarian entre and service. As per south Indian customs, the guests will be served on plantain leaves. Buffet meals are also available at any stage of request.
Structural Rentals- Any wedding venue be it the house, the venue or the reception hall all of them require structural decorations and installations. We provide all structural provisions that are required for the venue. Besides we also provide with setting up tents in water-proof and fire-resistant fabric. Mandapams are also set up, structured and decorated by us as per the theme of your choice making sure to use quality materials.
Trousseau Rentals- There are dozens of designer outfits that are available on rent. Renting wedding dresses and jewelry is a fairly old concept. On hire are traditional Indian dresses or western outfits not only for the bride and groom but also for the extended friends and family attending a wedding. The concept is extremely popular for a theme based wedding where everyone needs to have outfits and accessories according to the theme of the wedding.
Wedding staff Rentals- Staff at a wedding will be required during serving food, water and starters. They are required as guiding agents at the venue entrance. Clean up staffs are also arranged to pick up once the wedding is over.