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Band Set is the number one musical band in Kerala, beloved by most Malayalees. Kerala is home to many Band Set groups, with numerous artists living in the state and showcasing their talent in the daily wood with the band set team. Melodia Events has an extensive collection of Band Set teams that can make your event a truly musical experience. In Malayalam, people often refer to it as “band melam.” Band Set is primarily used during church festivals or “palli perunnal” in Malayalam. Kerala, especially Thrissur district, along with certain places in Ernakulam and Kottayam, hosts a multitude of festivals where Band Melam or Band Set performances are a common sight.

The Band Set Kerala season primarily starts after October, with a significant number of events occurring after Christmas. Post-Christmas, numerous church festivals commence throughout Kerala. Band Set in Kerala has its uniqueness compared to Western bands because the teams incorporate Indian instruments, especially the “thakil” in Malayalam. Thakil is an instrument mainly used in Carnatic “nadaswaram” and finds its place in Kerala Band Set performances. Most Band Set songs comprise popular music from Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi films, as these languages are highly cherished by Malayalees. In recent times, there is a growing interest among the Malayalee community in Telugu film songs as well.

The dress code for Band Set performances varies among different teams, but the “thakil” artists always wear traditional Kerala attire, such as the “mundu” and “jubba.” This sight is delightful for the audience. Nowadays, music bands have gained immense popularity throughout Kerala for various events and weddings. Many Kerala Band Set teams also perform in Tamil Nadu. When the Band Set season in Kerala is slow, they often travel to Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states. Kerala Band Set enjoys widespread popularity in other South Indian states, particularly in Tamil Nadu.

Band Set Kerala is also utilized in wedding events for the grand entry of the bride and groom, with the event manager coordinating this aspect. Many weddings incorporate Band Set performances outside the venue, creating a joyous atmosphere for the couples and their families. Melodia Event Management has extensive experience in organizing events with Band Set teams. If you require a Band Set for your event, we can make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, if you need contact numbers of Band Set teams in Kerala, we can provide those as well. Some prominent Band Set teams in Kerala include “Kirali Chalakudi,” “Ragadeepam Mudathikodu.”New voice pala” etc..

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