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Have you ever dreamed of planning the perfect event to be remembered forever? Look no further than Melodia® Events, the top-notch event management company in Kerala that has all you need to make your occasion an unforgettable experience.

We make everything from wedding planning and private parties to customized event packages absolutely memorable!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you organize the top event management in Kerala.

Event Management In Kerala
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Event management in Kerala
event management in kerala

Melodia® EVENTS - an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Looking for the Most Creative & Innovative Wedding Planners in Kerala?

What’s better than celebrating the most special day of your life without worrying about a single thing?

Melodia® Events is here to make your dream wedding come true! Our team of best Event Management Professionals in Kochi and Thrissur use creative and innovative ways to plan and curate the perfect, hassle-free wedding celebration that is bound to enthrall your attendees.

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Melodia® Events is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Event Management Company based in Kochi and Thrissur, in Kerala state, India. We offer premium event management services, including wedding planning, corporate events, private parties and entertainment shows. Contact us to know more.

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If you want to make a statement at your next corporate event, partner with Melodia Event Management Company

Have you ever dreamed of planning the perfect event to be remembered forever?
Event management in Kerala
Celebrate your special day in paradise as you enjoy a luxurious destination wedding with us!
Event Management In Kerala
Celebrate your love amidst the serene shores and palm-fringed beaches of Kerala
Best Wedding dance Choreographers in Kerala
From live bands and DJs to mesmerising performers, we have everything you need
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Melodia Event Management in Kerala holds Private Parties and crafts unforgettable moments that leave lasting memories.


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Melodia Events offers a diverse range of blogs that cover topics related to event management in Kerala. From weddings to corporate events, each blog provides valuable insights to help you plan your next event seamlessly.

Melodia Event Management Services is your key to unlocking memories. From planning to execution,

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Please check these FAQs.

Melodia® Event Management Company in Kerala, headquartered in Thrissur, Kochi, is a professional event management company offering expert services to assist planning weddings, corporate events, destination weddings, birthday parties, entertainment & musical stage shows and many more.

Yes, we do.

Say goodbye to stressful wedding planning and hello to Melodia’s customised, hassle-free event management services in Kerala. We provide tailored event plans based on our client’s budgets and preferences so that they can have a dream day without breaking the bank.

Let the professionals take the reins when it comes to your special event. Melodia is a leading event management in Kerala that handles every element of your event with absolute detail! We take care of the whole thing and ensure you enjoy the event with your friends and family rather than strain over the planning.

Hiring the best event management in Kerala is a good way to ensure that your event is perfectly planned and executed. You should hire a planner the moment you decide on the theme and date of the event.

The cost of event management services depends on the type of event you are planning to organise in Kerala. The average price range for event management services is from 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs Indian rupees.
Melodia Event Management believes in creating magical moments that resonate with your dreams, and our prices reflect that commitment. We provide the best event management in Kerala and each occasion is unique and tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring an unforgettable experience. 

Contact us to discuss your vision, and we’ll provide you with a customised quote that fits your budget without compromising on the enchantment.

Mr. Mayjohn P J, also known as Mayjohn Pindiyan, is the owner, CEO, and founder of Melodia Event Management Company. Mayjohn P J, a former wedding singer, began his journey 15 years ago by establishing Melodia® Events as an event management company. Mr. P J says that his company Melodia started to become a complete wedding management agency a decade ago. 

Additionally, he mentioned that the company is often referred to interchangeably as Melodia Events and Melodia Event Management by clients in Kerala.

The cost of a destination wedding in Kerala varies depending on the services and quality you expect. However, on average, the cost of a destination wedding, inclusive of wedding decorations, catering service, wedding videography and photography, wedding entertainment such as wedding dance, live music bands, DJs, and transportation services from the airport to the wedding venues, ranges between 12 lakhs to 20 lakhs Indian rupees.