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If you are trying to spruce up your event, then you must approach Melodia Event Management for all your music and entertainment. We bring you some of the best in immersive and intriguing experience that will leave your guests enthralled! From live bands and DJs to mesmerising performers, we have everything you need to make your event a truly unforgettable experience.

Rhythmic beats and vibrant melodies

When it comes to event management, music and entertainment in Kerala are like the cherry on top of a perfectly baked cake. They provide the extra bit of flavour that makes the event truly memorable and enjoyable for all guests.

Live music bands or solo musicians are a great way to add an element of live performance to the event. Imagine a jazz band serenading guests as they sip on cocktails or a rock band pumping up the crowd with their energy and stage presence. Live music can set the tone and create an atmosphere that guests will never forget.


DJ services are another popular music and entertainment in Kerala, it is the best option for events. DJs can play a mix of songs that cater to the guests’ preferences and get everyone dancing. They can give the celebration a twist when they add their own remixes making it distinctive.  

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Comedians can add lightheartedness and lighten up the mood. Comedy shows are bound to keep the guests engaged for quite a while. A talented comedian can break the ice and create a relaxed atmosphere where guests can let loose and enjoy themselves.

Magicians can also be a great addition to an event, especially if there are children present. A skilled magician can perform tricks that leave the guests in awe and create a sense of wonder and magic in the air.

An event’s interest doesn’t lie in the occasion by itself because there are gaps in the actual formalities. That is why we bring in dancers who can add vitality. Visitors are awestruck when they watch professional dancers making graceful moves to popular songs.


Finally, photo booths are fun. They are meant to capture memories and create keepsakes for guests to take home. With fun props and backgrounds, guests can pose for silly or serious photos that they’ll treasure for years to come.

Here are some other things we at Melodia Event Management, Kerala, consider when we provide music and entertainment services:

Types of Events: Different types of events may require different kinds of music and entertainment in Kerala. For example, a corporate event may require more subtle and sophisticated music, while a party or wedding may require more lively and upbeat music.

Selecting the right music for any event is extremely important. We have to make sure that it fits the occasion and the ambience. Music has the ability to set the mood of the event and that is why it is crucial to select something according to the target audience’s tastes.

DJs are always in high demand, because of their diverse sense of music and mixing. They just keep the party going. Melodia’s expert planners pick someone with enough knowledge, experience and understanding of the overall event.

Lights can enhance the entire look of the occasion. Besides, it also improves the overall atmosphere of the event. We bring in the best technicians to set up the right lighting and audio – they use high-quality and well-configured equipment, so that everything runs smoothly.

In conclusion, music and entertainment in Kerala are a vital part of event management that can take an occasion from good to great. Whether it’s a live music band, a comedian, or a photo booth, these services add an element of fun and engagement that guests will appreciate and remember for a long time.

Our event management team will help you identify the purpose of the event and draft objectives in accordance to it. Being a best event planners we will present achievable goals based on the theme of the event in accordance to the budget and motive of the celebration.

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