Kerala Oppana Dance Team and Mappilappattu Songs

Our Kerala Oppana dance team and Mappilappatu singers performances bring a touch of elegance and culture to any occasion, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all. Let us make your event shine.

Enchanting rhythms, graceful moves, Kerala Oppana mesmerises us!

Oppana can be found among the Muslims in Kerala in the Malabar region. Originally called ‘Afna’ or ‘praise’ colloquial slang turned the word into Oppana. It was sung originally to shower praises on Prophet Muhammed during the holy Rabi-ul-Awwal or the birth month.

The form gradually grew in popularity across the state and even other communities began having similar ceremonies with performances. Now, Kerala oppana dance is widely found in any religious event or occasion and accepted across faiths and communities. It has evolved into being a part of the state’s cultural legacy.

A group of female dancers are usually involved in Kerala Oppana dances. The bride is seated in between as women clap and sing around her. As the person is being honoured, they all sing songs and clap hands together in a rhythmic fashion. The songs are often romantic or devotional in nature and are accompanied by traditional percussion instruments such as the chenda and the maddalam.

While Oppana has its roots in Islamic culture, it has evolved over time to incorporate elements from other cultures and traditions in Kerala. The traditional dance form originated in the Malabar region of Kerala, India. It is believed to have originated among the Muslim community, but today it is performed by people of all religions and communities in Kerala.

Today, Oppana is a celebration of love and togetherness and is performed as a form of entertainment at weddings and other cultural events across the state.The dance movements are simple and graceful and involve swaying and circling movements of the upper body, while the feet are kept stationary.It is a popular form of entertainment in Kerala and is often performed by professional dance troupes who specialise in traditional Kerala dance forms.

In Kerala, Melodia Event Management often includes Oppana in our wedding entertainment packages or cultural performances. It is a popular choice for those who want to showcase traditional Kerala culture at their events. In the case of wedding oppana service, there are various styles available, including traditional oppana dances, cinematic oppana dances, and modern oppana dances. Our Melodia team is capable of performing all types of oppana. The starting price for these oppana teams is mostly around 18,000 Indian rupees in Kerala for 6 member girls dance team.

Mappilappatu is a type of music and songs in the Muslim community. These songs come from the Malabar Muslim community of Kerala. These songs are very popular, not only among Muslims but also in other communities. Nowadays, these songs are being used in film songs as well. They are mainly sung at wedding functions and other events in Kerala, especially in the Malabar region. Melodia Events has professional Mappilappatu singers, both male and female.

The cost of hiring one Mappilapatu singer for a full event performance is around 3500 rupees. Usually, there are 3 or 4 singers present on a wedding event day. Many people combine Mappilappatu and Oppana performances because there is a time gap between each Oppana for costume changes. This allows the Mappilappatu singers to fill the gap with their performance, ensuring there is no empty time during the musical program. Most Mappilappatu singers can also sing other film songs if the client requests it.

Melodia events has its own oppana dance and mappilapattu teams in different cities across Kerala, including Thrissur, Trivandrum, Calicut, and Cochin. The company offers wedding oppana and mappilapattu services in these cities as well as in remote areas of Kerala. They provide the option to hire the best professional dance troupes and mappilapattu teams who can tailor their performances to meet the specific requirements of the event. These oppana performances can be a wonderful way to entertain guests and incorporate a sense of tradition into the event.







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