Corporate Event Management Companies in Kochi

Experience the magic of kerala’s top corpoate event management companies in kochi.If you want to make a statement at your next corporate event, partner with melodia event management company in kerala.

The Leading Corporate Event Management Group in Kochi, Kerala

Business meetings and corporate events are the best and most novel ways to stimulate the team and get them thinking creatively and outside the box. If your team members are new, then it enables them to interact with other existing employees, which can even result in a new fantastic business idea. 

With Melodia, corporate event management companies in Kochi, Kerala goes beyond just planning a meeting. Besides arranging meetings and conferences, we also plan and execute corporate hospitality, conventions, exhibitions, client entertainment, incentive travel reward programmes, motivational events, team-building activities, and more. 

We organize and carry out corporate event packages, which might involve multiple phases and a number of organizational tasks distributed over several months. As one of the leading corporate event management companies in Kochi, Kerala, Melodia specializes in the nuances of corporate events such as theming, décor, and style. We also take care of signage, entertainment, and venue sourcing, all of which are supportive activities that keep an event alive from the beginning to its end. 

Our approach to event curation is straightforward. We pay close attention to our customer’s demands and objectives and collaborate with them to realize their vision. Our experts possess the necessary skills and resources to make any corporate event a resounding success. 

We take great pride in our keen eye for detail and innovative thinking while managing every part of the corporative event management in Kochi, from concept up to execution. Our aim is to relieve our customers from the burden of planning so that they can focus on more important aspects of the meeting.

Corporate Event Management Companies in Kochi

In Kerala there are many corporate event management companies in Kochi, but Melodia Events stands out as the best.

Different types  of corporate events

Business events might include team outings, client hospitality, and internal seminars. Consequently, we also evaluate business events in terms of their scale when making planning decisions. Melodia Event Management Company in Kochi, Kerala, specializes in various types of corporate events.


People within similar industries can exchange ideas and interact at conferences. These gatherings span several days and feature innumerable workshops and guest speakers. Frequently, conferences involve guest lectures, networking opportunities and breakout sessions. For large events, we get you a complete convention center or a big space to conduct the event.


Similar to conferences, seminars bring experts in the same field together to learn more about a specific subject. Yet, seminars are compact gatherings compared to conferences. These normally last only a few hours and can be highly interactive. A seminar can comprise people giving lectures by a group or individual. 

Trade Shows

Trade Shows are excellent venues for businesses to network, generate leads, and advertise their goods and services. They are especially beneficial for companies that want to increase face-to-face encounters with potential clients, vendors, and suppliers. Therefore, as one of the leading corporate event management companies in Kochi, Kerala, Melodia identifies the right convention center, hotel, or arenas that are frequent venues for trade exhibitions. Attended by several organizations from the same industry, these businesses erect booths or may even sponsor the trade show itself for more visibility.

Product Launches

The release of a new product assists businesses in creating a constructive discussion around its most recent goods and services. Media representatives may also be invited to write about the new introduction into the market, giving the product enough leverage and propaganda. This particular corporate event may involve inviting guest lecturers, celebrity guests, entertainment, and giving away goodie bags. Melodia executes all formalities involved in a product launch event. 

Corporate Dinners

Corporate Dinners come in a variety of formats and comprise various goals and a variety of guests. Business meals during these times are not uncommon, and new members may be welcomed to the team. The event is held to reward employees, boost their morale, and mark milestones. A business-related meal has a specific objective in mind and is more likely a strategy session. Therefore, we book a prestigious restaurant and a sophisticated meal that might even be held to please a new client or seal a contract.


Employees can interact with each other and enhance communication and develop problem-solving skills while tightening the team’s relationship through team-building activities. These last less than a day or, sometimes, even an entire day. A variety of instructive, inspiring, and enjoyable activities, including games, obstacle courses, and scavenger hunts, are held. We provide you with a range of physical and mental challenges throughout the event that promotes team-building.

Board Meetings

Typically, board meetings happen once or twice a year. During this time, the company’s financial situation and general health are examined, and in case of any discrepancies, the board revises certain strategies and other crucial business choices in light of its findings. The board must meet at a stipulated place and time to make wise and informed decisions, preferably in a high-end hotel with an exclusive space. Kerala’s Melodia Event Management company, books the best venues and the most palatable menus for your board meetings.

Planning a great corporate event

From pre-event planning to executing the event, Melodia takes care of every element keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of every client. 

During the pre-event planning stage, we set the goals and objectives while identifying the occasion’s theme and the attendees, clearly keeping their expectations in mind. 

Thereafter, we set the event’s budget considering each possible expense. We allocate resources according to your monetary strengths if price negotiations are inevitable.

Guest list preparation is a tedious task. That is why we deploy experts who will closely collaborate with you to invite the right clients and those who can positively contribute to the event. Where required, we also create attractive invitation cards for them. As a premium corporate event management companies in Kochi, we fully understand your objectives before accomplishing these tasks.

You must choose a venue that appeals to your target audience, which your clients and employees will appreciate. We also narrow down the theme of the event to aptly reflect the goals of the occasion.

Where required, Melodia Corporate Event Management Companies in Kochi, Kerala, spends time on marketing and advertising your event to garner enough attention and excite the audience. The activity is bound to keep you ahead on the competitive leaderboard

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