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Wedding photography in Kerala is an art that captures the timeless beauty and intimate moments of your special day. Our skilled photographers will document your love story, capturing every laugh, every tear, and every precious memory that will last a lifetime.

Our wedding photography and videography in Kerala captures stories in a breathtaking manner

Wedding videography and wedding photography in Kerala is an essential aspect of any wedding event, as it captures the special moments and memories of the day for the bride, groom, and their families to cherish for a lifetime. The role of a wedding photographer is not just to take pictures but to create a visual story, portraying the emotions, joy, and excitement of the occasion.

A good wedding photographer and videographer must have an eye for detail, be able to seize candid moments and be skilled in using different types of equipment to beget high-quality images and videos. The photographer should also be able to work in different lighting conditions and be prepared to handle unexpected changes in the weather or schedule.

That is why Melodia Event Management brings the best in wedding videography and photography in Kerala, especially for your big day.

Before the wedding day, we ask the photographer and videographer to meet with the bride and groom to discuss their vision for the pictures. This includes discussing the style of photography and videography they want, the number of photos, and any specific shots they want to be taken. We also ask the photographer to visit the wedding venue ahead of time to scout for potential photo locations and lighting conditions.

On the day of the wedding, the photographer arrives early to capture the preparations, as well as the details of the wedding, such as the dress, flowers, and decorations. During the ceremony, the photographer should be discreet and unobtrusive, capturing the emotions of the couple and their families without interrupting the flow of the ceremony.

After the ritual, the photographer takes group photos of the couple, their families, and the wedding party. These posed photos are carefully arranged to ensure that everyone is captured in the shot and that the lighting is optimal. The photographer must be adept at getting candid moments during the reception, such as the couple’s first dance, speeches, and interactions with guests. 

Once the wedding is over, the photographer carefully edits and retouches the images, creating a collection of high-quality photos that the couple can cherish for years to come. Couples are offered a range of options for displaying and sharing their photos, such as prints, albums, and digital formats.

Sometimes, in our busy schedule during the peak season, we may hear about other wedding photography and videography companies, such as Mayz Wedding Photography. In those situations, we will arrange connections between these companies and clients.

As professional event planners, we typically arrange for wedding photographers for an event by following these steps:

Determine the client’s photography and videography needs: We consult with the client to determine their specific photography needs, including the number of hours of coverage required, the types of shots desired, and the style of photography preferred.

Research potential photographers: Based on the client’s needs and preferences, we narrow down potential photographers in the area who are available on the event date and those who specialise in wedding photography in Kerala.

Check availability and pricing: Once we have identified several potential photographers, we will check their availability and pricing to determine which ones are a good fit for the client’s budget and schedule.

Schedule consultations: Our expert event planners will then schedule consultations with the potential photographers to discuss the client’s needs and vision for the event, as well as to review the photographer’s portfolio and discuss pricing and logistics.

Coordinate logistics: We will work closely with the photographer and videographer in the weeks leading up to the event to coordinate logistics, including the timeline for the photography sessions, the location of the shoots, and any special requests or requirements.

Final review: Finally, our wedding planners in Kerala will review the photographer’s work after the event to ensure that the client’s needs are met and that the photographs meet the client’s expectations.


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