Folk Dance in Kerala

Experience the lively and vibrant culture of Kerala through the captivating movements of their traditional folk dance. With intricate footwork, colorful costumes, and energetic beats, this cultural treasure is a celebration of life and community.

Groove to the beats of traditional folk dance in Kerala

Kerala encompasses a rich heritage and there are many folk dances performed throughout numerous occasions. Festivals in the state carry a legacy. Some of these dances are passed down through generations and are an essential component depending upon the type of event and its time.

Here are some of the popular folk dance in Kerala that are performed during events:

Thiruvathira Kali: Thiruvathira Kali is a graceful dance performed by women during the Thiruvathira festival, which falls in December or January. The dance basically honours Lord Shiva and is filled with devotion. Typically, women form a circle holding hands and have jasmine blossoms clipped to their hairs. Traditional Kerala sarees are worn for this performance.

Kummatti: Kummatti is a colorful folk dance that is performed during Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. The dancers wear masks made of coconut shells, and their costumes are made of brightly colored paper or cloth. They move to the beats of traditional drums and perform acrobatic stunts while dancing.

Theyyam: Theyyam is a ritualistic dance form that is performed in northern Kerala during temple festivals. The dancers, who are usually men, wear elaborate costumes and makeup, and they portray various deities and mythological characters. The dance is accompanied by traditional music, and the performance is believed to bring blessings and prosperity to the community.

Oppana: Most traditional events and occasions including weddings require Oppana. This is a women-oriented dance as well where a circle is formed with the bride seated in the centre. The women clap and sing around her, while the bride herself may sway gently to the music.

Pulikali: Pulikali, also known as Kaduvakali, is a colorful dance form that is performed during Onam. The dancers paint themselves to look like tigers and other animals, and they move to the beats of traditional drums. It is believed that the dance was formulated to frighten off wild animals.

These are some of the handfuls of the numerous folk dances that Kerala’s culture brings to the stage. Each of these arts has its own distinctive style and all of them add up to the state’s rich traditional tapestry. Folk dances are a great way to keep people at an event entertained – it also educates those around about the region’s rich culture.


Here are some steps event planners at Melodia Event Management, take to organize folk dances in Kerala:

Our planners are aware of the various folk dance in Kerala that are appropriate for each event and the audience. They consider the cultural significance of the dance, the difficulty level, and the equipment and space required before they decide upon a particular performance.

Since folk dances are so intense and encompassed within a particular clan, instructors might be required, especially when there is a learning group (this can happen for weddings). Once our event planners have identified the appropriate folk dance, they hire a dance instructor who is knowledgeable and experienced in that dance. The instructor can teach the dance to participants and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the moves.

Depending on the dance, the event planner may need to arrange for music systems, speakers, and props. They also ensure that the event space is appropriate for the dance, with enough room for participants to move around comfortably.

Our coordinators arrange and organise the logistics and other aspects of the folk-dance including equipment setup. If a dance instructor is required, we make sure they are present, while also controlling participant flow. All our staff are equipped to handle any emergencies when the need arises.

Planners at Melodia Event Management, can successfully organise folk dance in Kerala for events and create a memorable experience for participants.


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