Best Theyyam in Kerala

The vibrant Theyyam dance, native to the southern Indian state of Kerala, is a visual feast for the senses. With its elaborate costumes, mesmerizing music, and ritualistic movements, it transports you to a mystical world where tradition and art merge seamlessly.

Best Theyyam in Kerala: A Dance To Remember

Considered a ceremonial and ritualistic performance, Theyyam finds its roots in the northern regions of Kerala, especially Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. You can see it being regularly performed during temple festivals and other auspicious occasions. It is an essential component of the region’s culture and is believed to assume the spirits of gods, ancestors, and other heroes revered by the clan. The dresses and makeup adorned by the performers are rather ornate.

Typically, the costumes are made of coconut leaves, flowers and other materials found in nature. These are weaved together exquisitely by people who are adept at the skill. The costumes are not only colourful, the artists even look gorgeous in them. Besides bodily attire, the performers also wear headgears. The oversized and elaborate wear actually adds to the grandiosity. Gatherings are crucial for Theyyam in Kerala because artists are known to embody the spirit of the deity they are portraying, allowing the audience to get in personal touch with the spiritual.

It’s important to note, though, that Theyyam is still primarily a sacred ritual that has significant cultural and spiritual significance for the people of Kerala. As such, it’s essential to approach the performance with respect and understanding of its cultural and religious significance.

The performances are characterised by intricate dance movements, music and chanting.

During the performance, you can see artists enter into a stupor, which allows them to communicate with the divine. Thus, they bestow blessings and prophecies according to the audience’s requirements.

Theyyam finds its roots in animism. It is a kind of religion where natural forces such as wind, fire, rocks and other objects within nature are worshipped. Some features of Hinduism and Islam were imbibed into the artform as it evolved.

As an integral part of Kerala’s cultural legacy, Kerala Theyyam dance attracts tourists from around the world who come to witness the vibrant performances and learn about the traditions and beliefs behind them.

Nowadays, Kerala Theyyam dance performances are popular and are frequently used as a form of entertainment, especially during cultural events and even wedding events, for welcoming guests or as an entry dance. Artists gather on the stage to display their art and talent to a larger audience and spark the interest of many others with their distinctive art.

It is often performed as part of Hindu temple festivals and other important events. As leading event planners in Kerala, Melodia Event Management arranges our topnotch Kannur Theyyam performances depending upon the type of act required and the most suitable ones for any occasion. This is an essential step because most performances depend upon the availability of the dancers/enactors and their schedules.

Venue Selection: Theyyam performances are usually held in temples or open spaces. If it has to be performed at another venue, then we will find a suitable platform that can accommodate the performers and the audience.

Planning: We plan the performance logistics once the venue and performer are confirmed. This includes arranging for the necessary equipment, such as sound systems and lighting, and arranging for the performers’ costumes and makeup.

On the day of the event, our event planning experts will oversee the setup of the venue and ensure that everything is in place for the Theyyam performance. They also ensure that the performers are comfortable and have everything they need to execute their routines.

Overall, arranging a Theyyam performance requires careful planning and attention to detail. Melodia Event Management deeply understands the cultural significance of the performance and works closely with the performers to ensure a successful event.



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