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Enchanting Kerala Margamkali dance Performances for weddings & corporate events

Experience the vibrant beats and colourful culture of Margam Kali with our expert event management services. Let us transport you to the heart of Kerala’s traditional dance form and create an unforgettable celebration that will leave your guests mesmerised.

Dynamic beats that ignite the festive spirit

A traditional dance form, Margamkali dance has been in existence in Kerala and performed consistently during important occasions such as weddings, festivals and social gatherings. Its origins are thought to be ancient and is often a ritualistic requirement in Christion Churches.

Various dynasties that ruled Kerala contributed to its antiquity and artistic history. One such form that developed over years and reflects the beliefs and customs of the land is Margam Kali.

Initially performed in Churches across the state as a ritual, which also included offerings, the dance was meant to please the gods and obtain their blessings. Complex hand and feet movements were (and still are) involved and the steps taken were supported by rhythmic beats. The style was enhanced over a period of time and became highly popular at cultural gatherings and even weddings.

Today, Margamkali dance is considered an important part of Kerala’s cultural heritage and is widely performed across the state. The dance form has also gained popularity outside Kerala, with many dance schools and cultural organizations promoting it across India and abroad Malayalees.

The performance is a traditional dance form rooted in the ancient rituals of Kerala’s Churches. Typically, the dancers are in traditional attire and dance to live music. This makes it more interesting and memorable for the guests.

Margamkali is well-liked by the masses – Our event planners understand the need for specificity and therefore, brings Margam Kali performers wherever required. It is frequently employed to give a dash of traditional and cultural entertainment.

Melodia Event Management in Kerala includes Margam Kali as part of our cultural or entertainment offerings for weddings, corporate events, and other celebrations.

For example, at a wedding, Margamkali can be performed during the reception or as part of the procession leading up to the wedding ceremony.

Similarly, in Kerala Margamkali dance can be performed at cultural festivals or public events to showcase the traditional art form and entertain the audience. In such cases, event management companies may organize and coordinate the logistics of the performance, such as booking the dancers, arranging the music, and providing the necessary sound and lighting equipment.

We can provide a unique and authentic cultural experience to their clients and guests by including Margam Kali in their offerings. It also helps to preserve and promote traditional art forms and support the local artists who perform them.

Here are some ways Margamkali dance can be helpful in different types of events:

Weddings: Kerala Margamkali dances is a popular entertainment option for weddings events in Kerala and other parts of South India. The dancers move around in a circle during a bridal procession. They hum folk songs and melodies and play traditional percussion instruments. A wedding’s overall experience is enhanced due to the rhythmic beating of the drums as it fosters a joyous and pepped up mood. It is highly energetic and the dance gradually becomes elaborate and colourful as the routine involves vibrant costumes and accessories.

Corporate Events: In Kerala Margamkali can be used as a cultural entertainment option for corporate events to provide a unique and authentic experience for attendees. For example, a company organizing a product launch event in Kerala can include a Margam Kali performance to showcase the local cultural heritage and create a memorable experience for the attendees. Similarly, at an international conference, Margam Kali can be used to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian culture.

Festivals: Kerala Margamkali dance is often performed at cultural festivals and public events to showcase the traditional art form and entertain the audience. For example, during the Onam festival in Kerala, Margamkali is performed as part of the cultural procession, where the dancers perform a series of steps and hand gestures to the beats of the traditional percussion instruments. The performance can attract a large crowd and create a festive and vibrant atmosphere.



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