Wedding Dances in Kerala

Captivating Wedding Dance Kerala: Unforgettable Bridal and Groom Welcome Entry

Wedding dance Kerala are becoming more and more popular recent days. They have been a part of the culture for a long time before, but recently, people have started hiring professional dance groups for weddings event ceremony, especially in the last 10 to 15 years. Weddings in Kerala are growing every day and people want to make them unique and enjoyable. Everyone wants to have a great time on the wedding day.

There are professional wedding dance groups in Kerala, and most of them are based in Kochi city. These wedding dancers try to bring variety to their performances because people nowadays want something different in wedding dances. The most important dance is the welcome dance, which happens when the bride and groom enter the wedding day event. All the guests are excited for this moment of time, and when the anchor announces their arrival, the new married couple comes with a dance team. The guests stand up and clap. The entry dance of the bride and groom always is colorful and amazing.

The best wedding dance choreographers in Kerala also offer great opportunities for couples and families to learn dance. They provide new dance lessons for the entire family, allowing everyone to dance with professional steps.

After the welcome dance, the dancers change costumes and perform on the stage for the guests. Usually, there are around 5 to 6 dances at a normal wedding, no matter if it’s a Hindu, Muslim, or Christian wedding. Different religions have different types of dances in Kerala. In Hindu weddings, traditional Kerala dance forms like Mohiniyattam and Thiruvathira Kali are often used in Kerala. In Christian weddings, there are usually Western-style dances, and Muslim weddings may have Arabic-style dances. But at the wedding reception, there is a mix of Western and Indian cultures without any religious barriers.

These dancers help create a lively atmosphere on the wedding day. They add color to the photography and videography. Many couples hire professional dancers mainly for the photos and videos. And end of the event, this dancers group invite the bride and groom to join them on the dance floor. The wedding couple family and friends joins in, and they all have a great time dancing. The program ends with happy memories and lots of joy on the dance floor.

In conclusion, wedding dance Kerala are becoming more popular. People hire professional dance teams to make their weddings unique and enjoyable. The welcome dance is the most important one, and the dancers also perform on the stage. Different types of dances are performed depending on the religion. The wedding dance Kerala add best music and color to the wedding event function and make it lively. The bride, groom, and their families join in the dancing, and the event ends with happy memories.


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