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Exquisite Church Altar Decoration in Kerala: Elevate Your Worship Experience

Kerala, located in South India, has a substantial Christian population and a distinct cultural identity. Christian churches often seek decoration services for various functions, including religious festivals, parish ceremonies, and personal events like weddings. The focus of these decorations is primarily the altar of the church, and fresh flowers play a prominent role.

Our company Melodia Events has extensive experience in church altar decoration in Kerala across different churches. We cater to various Christian communities, including Catholics, Jacobites, Marthomites, and Roman Catholics. Our expertise lies in decorating for festivals such as Christmas, Easter, and other special days. Most of our decorations involve beautiful fresh flower bouquets placed on the church altar. We use a variety of flowers ranging from roses to jasmine, depending on the specific requirements of the church management.

Weddings are another significant event where church altar decoration holds great importance. The wedding ceremony takes place at the altar inside the church, accompanied by a mass conducted by the priest. People aspire to create a stunningly beautiful altar for their special day. You can explore our gallery page to view pictures of our previous works and witness the latest trends in church altar decoration in Kerala. While professional decoration groups like Melodia Events are typically responsible for altar decorations, some churches manage the decorations themselves through groups of sisters, nuns, or other church organizations like CLC, KCYM, or Jesus Youth.

However, approximately 80% of wedding day altar decorations are handled by professionals. For professionals, it is a straightforward process as they usually do the bride and groom’s houses décor service, the wedding stage decoration, and the reception hall decoration on the same day. Thus, church decoration by professionals is also relatively simple.

In churches, the main focus of decoration is on the altar, aisle, and church entrance decorations. These areas receive special attention when it comes to decoration the church. Nowadays, it has become common for people to decorate the church altar with fresh flowers as part of their worship of Jesus Christ. Fresh flowers bring a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere to the sacred space. The altar decorations, along with the aisle and entrance adornments, create a visually appealing and welcoming ambiance for worshippers. The use of fresh flowers adds a touch of natural beauty and enhances the overall spiritual experience within the church.

The cost of church decoration varies depending on the choice of flowers, which is the main factor influencing the overall cost. The price of altar decorations by professional decorators is determined primarily by the number of flower bouquets needed for the decoration for altar. The cost of church altar decoration in Kerala for wedding events usually ranges between ₹2500 to ₹3000, but it can vary between ₹25000 and ₹35000 based on the specific requirements of the event, such as festivals held in churches. We offer starting packages for altar decoration in weddings, and for festivals or religious events, the decoration may involve more elaborate designs and incur additional costs.


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