Destination wedding in Trivandrum, Kerala

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The Popularity of Destination Wedding in Trivandrum, Kerala

Destination wedding in Trivandrum

If you are looking for the best destination wedding in Trivandrum Kerala where you can tie the knot then you simply need to hire an event management company According to a new survey, more couples are opting to have destination weddings in the modern times. This started partially due to the fact that many couples who had to postpone their weddings due to the outbreak are now looking for novel and creative ways to celebrate their love. Additionally, destination weddings provide couples a chance to get away from the stresses of everyday life and experience something new and exciting. 

However, now that the pandemic is behind us couples are looking for ways to make their special day memorable for themselves and their guests. This trend has also taken hold in Southern India which is why destination wedding in Trivandrum Kerala is very popular nowadays.

Why destination weddings


One of the main motives why people select destination weddings is the chance to have a distinctive wedding experience. In 2023, more couples have made it a point to include local traditions and customs into their wedding ceremonies and this trend will continue into the next year as well. This may include everything from regional cuisine to folk dancing. Additionally, couples might include unique outings like wine tasting, hiking, and snorkelling. This is possible in the coastal towns of Kerala and this is why Trivandrum destination wedding has become a must have for most modern couples.

Why Kerala for your destination wedding in India?

Destiantion wedding in Trivandrum Kerala

Kerala is not known as God’s own country for no reason, the scenic and peaceful backwaters, houseboats with all the modern facilities are available for the couple and the guests. If you want to look for a destination wedding in Trivandrum Kerala, don’t just focus on the city itself, instead make it a point to look at some suburban areas which are picturesque and interesting. You need not worry about the arrangement of rituals, food stay for guests and other details if you hire a good wedding planner who specialises in providing destination wedding venues in Trivandrum Kerala.

Hiring wedding planners

The best method to find wedding planners who specialise in destination weddings in the South of the country is to check the internet. All good destination wedding planners have a website that provides the details about the services that they provide. The destination wedding venues in Trivandrum Kerala where they can plan your wedding are also mentioned on these user friendly websites. Here you need to bear in mind that the wedding rituals and ceremonies are different in different parts of the country. Hence you need to inform the wedding planners about the things that will be required for the wedding. 

Nowadays even the wedding planners in the South of India are aware of the traditions of the other parts of the country, but you should nevertheless give them a run-down so that there is no hassle later.

The right wedding planner is essential to the success of any destination wedding. The ideal wedding coordinator will be knowledgeable about planning weddings in the locale the couple has selected and will have a wide network of local suppliers and vendors. Selecting a wedding planner who is approachable, communicative, and shares your aspirations for the big day is essential. An experienced wedding planner will be able to help you through the challenges of planning a destination wedding and ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Environment friendly weddings

Sustainable and eco-friendly practices have been increasingly popular in the wedding industry in recent years. In 2023, more couples will probably opt for eco-friendly weddings, which could entail using recycled materials for décor, serving food that is produced locally and organically, and choosing locations that respect the environment. A “zero-waste” wedding, where everything from the invitations to the decorations is compostable or reusable, might be even better for some couples. Even wedding planners have started providing destination wedding venues in Trivandrum Kerala which support a totally environment friendly wedding.

Challenges faced when planning a destination wedding

Destination weddings can be a truly magical experience, but they can also provide some difficulties and things to think about. Organizing the logistics of a wedding in another nation is one of the toughest problems. The reliability of local vendors and services must be confirmed by the couple. Additionally, guests might have to make expensive and time-consuming long distance travel to the wedding. When organizing a destination wedding, couples should carefully examine the costs and logistics to make sure they can provide their guests a relaxing and enjoyable experience. This can be ensured if you hire a professional agency that specialises in planning destination wedding in Trivandrum Kerala.

So go ahead and plan a grand ostentatious wedding or a simple but stylish affair, chooses the right wedding planner and ensure that your wedding goes ahead smoothly and you remember the day for the rest of your life.

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