Groom and bridal Dress in Kerala

Dazzling Dresses: Unveiling the Perfect Bridal and Groom dress for Wedding Kerala

Traditional wedding attire is a very important part of any wedding ritual. On this special day every bride and groom deserves to look in their dress best.
Apparel: What dress you wear at your wedding becomes a family heirloom and so it is extremely important to choose the right attire. Wedding dress shopping is an activity that is a dream and at the same time can pose a difficulty. There are colours, materials and styles to choose from within budgetary constraints. Melodia helps plan your apparel as per design, style, jewelry and footwear according to the theme of the wedding. We provide you with a wide range of designer wear which are apt to the theme of the wedding. Traditional apparels will include a sari, a lehenga or a wedding gown for the bride and a sherwani or a suave tux for the groom to be worn during the main event. We ensure that clashing colours are avoided
Accessories: Brides can pick traditional or even semi-precious jewelry to match their bridal dress in Kerala. Accessories like shoes and bags also form part of the bridal dress in Kerala for wedding. We help you choose your accessories in accordance to the attire and ensure that you have a good mix of clothes and accessories that work well together in accordance to the mood, scale and design elements of the wedding.
Styling: It is essential that every bride and groom dress in Kerala looks their best on their wedding day and presents themselves in the right kind of style. Hair and make-up play a major role in completing the overall style. To complete your look, we manage your appointments with hair and make-up professionals, ensuring trials before the main event. Our hair and make-up professionals are easy to communicate and ensure that they bring out your natural beauty at the time of the wedding.
Our Melodia Events professionals will ensure no last-minute over-sights occur and the bride and groom look their very best on their special day.


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