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Elevate Your Wedding With Our Troupe of Instrument Fusion Music in Kerala

Instrumental fusion music in Kerala has gained immense popularity in recent years across Kerala. It has become a prevailing trend, embraced in various events, especially weddings. Melodia Events offers live instrumental fusion music services for a range of occasions, including corporate and private events, with weddings being the most common choice.

Music holds a pivotal role in event management in Kerala, enhancing the overall experience. Guests, attending weddings or other celebrations, seek entertainment through dance and music. Kerala’s event management companies now frequently inquire about incorporating instrumental fusion music as a form of wedding day entertainment.

Melodia Events stands out by offering a diverse range of entertainment options, including DJ performances, water drum music, chendamelam, nadaswaram, orchestra, and instrument fusion music and Ganamela. Calm and live instrumental fusion music creates an elegant atmosphere, elevating the guest experience. This choice caters to those who prefer a tranquil ambiance during discussions and mingling, especially during weddings. The option to switch to a lively rhythm ensures everyone’s preferences are met seamlessly. In the modern era, people value both entertainment and meaningful conversations at weddings, making instrument fusion music a delightful and versatile choice.

What is the price for instrumental fusion music at Kerala events, and how do you perform it?

Typically, a wedding fusion music ensemble comprises 3 to 8 instruments, determined by the client’s budget and preferences. Common choices include keyboard, violin, guitar, tabla, drums, percussion, saxophone, flute and rhythm pad. While we offer a range of musical instruments and skilled artists, the keyboard or piano is often central for fusion compositions. Other instruments are chosen based on the desired ambiance.

In Kerala’s wedding events, musicians skillfully blend Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi melodies, spanning both classic and contemporary film songs. The fusion’s essence involves harmoniously weaving these melodies together. Lead instruments like the violin take center stage, while others provide complementary layers. For instance, the violin frequently leads with its evocative melodies, accompanied by a symphony of instruments. The flute, too, shines as a lead, adding a distinctive charm to the fusion’s tapestry.

Our versatile approach ensures each instrument contributes uniquely, crafting an enchanting symphony that elevates your wedding’s atmosphere. Our musicians harmonize these instruments, bringing a spellbinding fusion of melodies that resonate with the heart and soul.

What is the cost and budget of wedding instrument fusion music in Kerala?

The cost of instrument fusion music in Kerala for your fusion program varies based on factors like the number and quality of artists. Esteemed artists, often seen on TV or affiliated with the film music industry, might incur higher fees. Your budget guides the choice between different artist teams, and the number of musicians also affects the price.

On average, a 4-member instrumental fusion music team in Kerala costs around 20,000 rupees. Additional expenses include speakers, sound mixers, and sometimes travel fees, particularly if the artists need to travel a certain distance. All these elements contribute to the total price.

The average cost per artist ranges from 5000 to 8000 INR in Kerala. Event management companies in Kerala often negotiate lower rates for artists when providing consistent work. Additionally, travel expenses for artists could be included, depending on the event’s location. Discounts are possible with bulk bookings.

Melodia Event Management offers premier entertainment solutions for weddings and various events in Kerala. Contact us for detailed videos or photos showcasing our previous successful endeavors. Explore our YouTube channel ‘Melodia Event Management‘ or visit our gallery page on this website. Let us collaborate to create an enchanting experience on your special wedding day. Connect with us and turn your dreams into reality.


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