Best Wedding stage decoration in Calicut

Creating Enchanting Ambiance: Wedding Stage Decoration in Calicut

Calicut, located in the Malabar area of northern Kerala, is known for its rich culture and history. Wedding events are highly popular in this region, and people in Kozhikode and Malappuram appreciate beautiful stage decorations for the bride and groom. They aim to create a pleasant ambiance with decorations and are known for their hospitality, often welcoming guests to their homes and offering food. All communities value well-designed event and stage decorations for weddings.

The Muslim community, which is predominant in these districts, typically utilizes elaborate main stages for the wedding ceremony and creates a special bridal stage at the back of the hall. During the Nikah ceremony, the groom and parents sit on the main stage, while the bride sits on the bridal stage. After the Nikah, the bride joins the groom on the main stage. The arrival of the bride through a decorated pathway is a highlight, often accompanied by traditional dances like Oppana, with dancers and friends of the bride escorting her. Pathway decorations and entrance decorations are also crucial for this ceremony, and sometimes the entire hall is decorated.

Decoration holds equal importance in Muslim weddings as well as other regions and communities in Calicut. For Hindu weddings, traditional Hindu wedding stage decorations and reception stage decorations are customary, while Christian weddings also involve beautiful decorations.

Melodia Event Management company recognizes the significance of decorations and is ready to provide services throughout Calicut district. With our own storage facility in Calicut city, we offer affordable decoration services, including wedding stages starting from Rs. 25,000, pathway decorations at Rs. 1,000 per piece, and entrance decorations starting from Rs. 5,000. If you’re interested in our services, you can message us, and we will visit your house to showcase our design collection for you to choose from. For NRIs living abroad, we can utilize online platforms like Google Meet or Zoom for wedding planning.

We understand the importance of accessing services from Kerala for non-resident Keralites who wish to celebrate important ceremonies in their homeland. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive service, eliminating any worries. Ultimately, our aim is to offer the best wedding stage decoration in Calicut for your special  wedding event in your homeland.

Please contact us through phone or message to inquire about our great wedding stage decoration in Calicut. We can share our latest designs through WhatsApp or our company’s Gmail ID. Reach out to us soon to avail attractive discounts for decorations in Calicut.


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