Best Wedding stage decoration Kochi City

Best Wedding Stage Decoration Kochi, Ernakulam: Elevate Your Special Day with Stunning Designs

Stage decoration holds significant importance nowadays among people, particularly in weddings. However, other private events and corporate functions also emphasize stage decoration. Melodia Event Management Company has extensive experience in this field, serving Kochi city for almost 15 years.

Melodia events has our own stage decoration and production house, enabling us to create stages in ou facility located in the city. Our primary focus is on various religious wedding stage decoration Kochi, particularly Hindu traditional wedding stages, Christian wedding stages, and Muslim wedding stage decoration. The starting price for our wedding stages is 35,000 Indian rupees. If you wish to see our collection, you can message us, and we will send our designs through WhatsApp or the company’s Gmail account.

Even if you are located outside of India or Kerala, we offer online meeting options such as Zoom or Google Meet. This online platform is particularly suitable for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) who prefer to plan their weddings and discuss stage decoration ideas from their home country. The company staff is available online full-time to assist clients with any doubts or clarifications. For clients residing in Kochi itself, the company executives will directly visit their houses, showcase the wedding stage decoration designs, and conduct meetings. After two or more meetings, clients can make well-informed decisions regarding a wedding stage decoration Kochi city. In some cases, decisions can be made during the first meeting itself.

Wedding venues in Kochi are usually available for decorating work, mostly on the day before the wedding. The decorations are completed either the previous night or on the wedding day before sunrise. Once the work is finished, both Melodia Events and the venue eagerly await the arrival of the bride and groom for the ceremony. When discussing stage decoration, it is essential to consider other decorations as well, including entrance decorations, pathway decoration, bridal stage decoration for Muslim Nikah ceremony, and specific decorations for weddings such as sangeet decoration and haldi decoration.

In terms of flowers, most wedding flowers come from Karnataka, specifically Bangalore or Mysore. Sometimes these flowers can be costly, so artificial flowers are used or incorporated into the stages in Kochi. Many clients nowadays prefer artificial flowers due to their affordability and good quality, which closely resembles fresh flowers. People now have two options for decorations: fresh flowers or artificial flowers. Kerala is also a popular destination wedding place, offering a variety of cultural and traditional ideas for stage decorations.

Melodia Events specializes in creating cultural and ritual stages for destination weddings. Additionally, we provide stage decorations for various private events, including baptism stages, holy communion stage decorations, birthday stages, and even corporate event management stages. The prices for smaller private event stages start from 15,000 rupees onwards in Ernakulam District.

As mentioned earlier, Melodia Events is dedicated to providing exceptional decorations for wedding stages and offers reasonable prices to clients due to our in-house decoration production house. If you are interested in our discounted prices and high-quality work for your wedding or other events, please feel free to contact us today and message us for more decoration photos and videos.



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