Beach Wedding in Thrissur

Say “I do” to your forever on the sparkling shores of Thrissur! Let our Beach Wedding Services make your dream day a reality, with stunning ocean views, white sand beaches, and impeccable planning and coordination. Let love bloom by the sea.

Seaside serenity meets matrimonial magic with beach wedding in Thrissur

Couples looking for a romantic destination or getaway wedding, can choose a beach wedding in Thrissur. It is the ideal location and provides you with the perfect backdrop for a sensational exchange of vows. Those who are unfamiliar with the region may want to know that you must comply with the local laws to accomplish a large or small wedding on the beach.

If you think it is difficult task to undertake, then you just have to reach out to expert planners at Melodia to make it all simple for you.

This is where Melodia Event Management’s beach wedding planners come into the picture.  Our staff members come with a wealth of knowledge and experience organising beach weddings. With their help, couples can choose their location, theme, and other requirements for their big day, while outlining specific preferences and needs.

When you pick a venue, ensure that you take all the suggestions that you can get from our wedding planners. They take into account elements like the beach’s location, season, time, and even the number of guests that are going to attend the event. They assist you in learning about the local regulations so that your beach wedding in Thrissur is carried out free of hassles and hindrances.

Furthermore, the planners suggest different wedding themes and decor options that would complement the chosen beach venue. They also recommend reliable vendors such as caterers, photographers, and musicians who have experience in beach weddings and can provide quality services.

Some of our beach wedding event management services in Thrissur include:

Venue selection: Our wedding planners help you choose the perfect beach venue in Thrissur for your wedding based on your preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Decorations: We arrange for beach-themed decor, including arches, flowers, centerpieces, lighting, and other decorative elements to create a romantic and picturesque setting.

Catering: Our event planners arrange for a catering service that specializes in beach weddings, with menus that include fresh seafood and other beach-themed cuisine.

Rentals: We also call for rental items such as chairs, tables, linens, and other decor elements that are required for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Entertainment: Pivotal to any event, our beach wedding planners can help arrange for entertainment such as live music, DJs, dancers, and other performers to enhance the wedding experience.

Photography and videography: Beach wedding planners can recommend and coordinate professional photographers and videographers who specialise in snapping beach weddings to capture every moment of the big day.


A very important aspect of any wedding and more so for a beach wedding, you certainly need experts who are adept at handling the regular journeys to and from various locations, particularly transporting guests.


Our planners coordinate every aspect of the wedding on the big day. We oversee every part of the celebration and make sure that everything goes just as planned.

Melodia Event Management, Thrissur provides beach wedding planning services making your preparations smooth and seamless. Our coordinators provide expert advice at crucial touchpoints including handling practical aspects of a beach wedding, freeing you up to enjoy your big day.

Melodia® Events is an ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company based in Kochi, Thrissur Kerala. We offer premium event management services including weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Contact us to know more.

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